Fox News: RNC Move To Suspend Partnership With NBC A ‘Calculated Tantrum’ (Video)

Today, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus drew headlines when he announced that their partnership with NBC, who was scheduled to hold a GOP debate in February, would be ‘suspended’ because they claim the CNBC debate was done in ‘bad faith.’ NBC calmly responded by saying that they would work with the RNC and get the two sides on the same page, essentially. NBC also cleverly threw in their Latino partner network, Telemundo, to subtlely remind the RNC that they might need some help with the Hispanic vote come next November.

It wasn’t just NBC or what is commonly referred to as the ‘mainstream media’ calling out the RNC for this stunt. Perhaps the best whacks came from Fox News. Howard Kurtz, Fox News host came on to comment on the latest developments. He called the chairman’s move a ‘calculated tantrum’ in the face of not only harsh criticism he has been taking but the fact that the Republican candidates are planning a meeting in the coming days to decide what they want to do with the party organization, whom many feel is more of a hindrance than a help to their interests — in other words, the GOP candidates are planning a coup.

This is Priebus attempting to deflect with his ‘calculated tantrum’ as Kurtz put it. The Fox host also pointed out that the RNC hasn’t cancelled anything, and that this clever play on words really means that they want NBC to ‘grovel a little’ as he put it. NBC needs to promise to play nice, so to speak. Because they can’t live knowing that the moderators actually exposed a lot of the flaws in the candidates in the debate — and it certainly can’t happen again.

Check out the clip HERE:

Kurtz also later adds an interesting tidbit (that is obvious to some) about how the GOP likes to ‘play the game’ of making ‘the evil media’ the focus of everything. We certainly saw it in the debate. Several candidates refused to answer questions and just ignored them so they could go on diatribes about the media. Many of the statements seem quite prepared and rehearsed. From where some sat, CNBC couldn’t have satisfied the GOP candidates even if they were allowed to write the questions themselves. There seemed to be a predisposed mantra that CNBC represented the ‘liberal media’ and they were gonna do everything they could to make it all about them. Asking questions of the candidates character didn’t matter — because character doesn’t matter, GOP? What matters is if you get softball questions in which you can use them to bash Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or the media? Questions of ‘character’ only seem to matter when it’s the other side. I guess we are supposed to just take it for granted that all the GOP candidates are saintly figures, pious to the core. Questioning that is blasphemy.

Their records don’t matter. As far as the mainstream media and the American audience are concerned, their records are spotless and heroic tales of cleaning up liberal messes and spreading the conservative doctrine. The only times they have been foiled in their plans is when some evil liberal schemed against them. The liberal may have had a temporary victory, but trust them when they say that of course their conservative ideals won out and that is why America is not a flaming ball of trash. It will be, however, if you don’t elect them.

These are the guys (or gal) who can take on Putin and all the other ‘evil’ people, as they see them — yet they can’t handle a couple of moderators asking follow-up questions or questions that speak to their character or record? The only part they want is the ‘sales-pitch’ part. The part where they get to brag on how the future is awesome with them as President and a total disaster if they aren’t.

Again, this bunch of whiners are gonna tell Putin and the Iranians ‘what’s what?’



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