Former Congressman Allen West Encourages Conservatives To Rig Elections

The official blog of Allen B. West, political commentator, former member of the United States House of Representatives, and retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, has identified a method of rigging the elections for the GOP. With all those credentials, you would think he would know better than to do that.

Like any good Conservative they not only cast doubt that others may already have the ability to do it, he encourages good right wingers to actually do it.

We know that the GOP is the front runner in election fraud, and here we see how they not only encourage, but train constituents in possible methods of keeping the poor, the minorities, and the elderly from voting. This is trying to control the information that potential voters will see, and making sure that any information positive to their party shows up first in search engines. However this new slant is actually a little concerning – a bot could do it.

They use a large excerpt from Politico to support the idea that it is time for the Reich Wing to inject the veins of the internet with fraudulent clicks.

As Politico reports, their new research leaves little doubt about whether Google has the ability to control voters. In laboratory and online experiments conducted in the United States, we were able to boost the proportion of people who favored any candidate by between 37 and 63 percent after just one search session. The impact of viewing biased rankings repeatedly over a period of weeks or months would undoubtedly be larger.

In our basic experiment, participants were randomly assigned to one of three groups in which search rankings favored either Candidate A, Candidate B or neither candidate. Participants were given brief descriptions of each candidate and then asked how much they liked and trusted each candidate and whom they would vote for. Then they were allowed up to 15 minutes to conduct online research on the candidates using a Google-like search engine we created called Kadoodle.

According to this article, which pontificates that Google could do this at any time, it is time for conservatives to flood Google with searches for their candidates. Not only that, but to dig deep in the results and click on those that are not first on the list nor most honest. They say to go ‘deep into the list’ and intimates that by choosing to click on results that are more positive to the party of conspiracy theorists and fundamentalists they really could indeed rig an election.
Shame on you West, not only for allowing this travesty — the dishonest and shady suggestion that your readers could and should attempt to rig the election — but also for weaseling in the idea that they are somehow combating ‘possible fraud’ by doing so.
The conservative base is paranoid enough, Mr. West and Co., many are already arming for a Civil War that they brag about trying to start. You shouldn’t be proud for manipulating such dullards Allen. Seriously, your readers are not all dumb enough to believe that Google is a giant potential liberal propagandist election fraud bot, are they?
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