Florida Man Says Voters to Blame for Congressional Dysfunction, Leadership Failure

Rep. Dennis Ross of Florida

All the oddest or most unusual stories in the news tend to begin with “Florida Man Says” … so forgive me, Dennis, or should I say Representative Ross (R-FL)? I’m saddened to report that despite numerous appearances on Fox and MSNBC, it’s taken this current leadership crisis in the House of Representatives for you to cause even the slightest blip on the national radar. I should have remembered your legislation to ban direct flights from West Africa to stem the tide of the Ebola pandemic (that wasn’t).

Trust me, Congressman, when you’re fact-checked on live television (there are no direct flights from West Africa), it’s best not to get prissy with the hosts. Accept your public ‘pantsing’ and move on to the next “crisis,” which currently is a dearth of leadership among Republicans.

Following one of the least productive years in modern Congressional history, Republicans came roaring back into session, only to watch the caucus come completely unhinged — plagued by scandal — and now finding itself rudderless at the helm. Your answer? Here’s what you said to reporters from The Hill.

 “Congress is representative of the American psyche. Right now, we’re dysfunctional. America’s dysfunctional.” Wait, what? Are you blaming the victim here? How dare you, sir?

A paltry 7% of Americans polled indicate confidence in the job Congress is doing at the moment, down from 10% last year. Apparently, America has its head screwed on just fine, thankyouverymuch. It’s you brain-dead mooks in Congress that are the problem. Perhaps if you stopped lying to the public and did what we asked, things would turn around. For example, 80% of Floridians polled would like you to take up comprehensive immigration reform — or does that screw up an election-year wedge issue?

It’s bad enough conservative policies consistently fail to produce positive outcomes, but when your first official Congressional act after returning from summer recess is a government giveaway to Big Oil and Wall Street interests — pointing a finger of blame at your constituents is a fairly bold (and incredibly st-st-stupid) move.

For the record: H.R. 702 will not “boost our energy production, promote national security, create thousands of jobs, lower gasoline prices, and weaken countries like Iran and Russia.” Please stop lying. What it does, is allow multinational corporations to float American oil into the international pool, consolidating and ameliorating domestic production costs on the word market.

A barrel of U.S. shale oil costs around $57 to produce — over in Iran they can pump it out of the sand for around $15. It makes sense for American consumers to support American jobs — rather than allowing fatcats to offset costs in an already volatile market. All you’ve done, Congressman, is allow major oil producers to mix American crude with foreign competitors in a market that’s seen the price of oil fall 30% since last Summer (2014). Either you’re too st-st-stupid to understand this (passing along oil industry talking points that were handed to you), or you think we are. As a member of the Tea Party class of 2010, I’m banking on the former.

Speaking of Iran, your support of the “Justice for Victims of Iranian Terrorism Act” is a fool’s errand. The State Department report of 2012 noted “Iran … continued to provide financial, material, and logistical support for terrorist and militant groups throughout the Middle East and Central Asia.” Nobody trusts Iran — least of all the Department of State, or the administration. What makes you believe Iran cares, or would ever cede authority to a U.S. court? That, my friend, is nothing short of delusional.

Iran is NOT “getting a pay day (sic) through sanctions relief,” unless — and until — they dismantle any aspects of their nuclear program that might facilitate construction of a nuclear weapon. They don’t see one thin dime until AFTER they have complied, champ. Please stop lying (unless, of course, this is another example of you being too damned st-st-stupid to understand the nature of the JCPOA agreement).

“I will continue to hold the President accountable for his egregious actions in making this deal with Iran, demand Iran immediately pay its terrorist victims, and fight against any measure that allows Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon.” No, no, and no. You’re 0 for 3, Dennis — swing and a miss each time. You know who opposes this nuclear nonproliferation deal? Israeli hardliners and Congressional Republicans. Know who supports it? Everyone else on the planet (even Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping).

I understand why you’ve chosen to back Florida’s former governor, (Jeb!), in the primary. How do you think it made him feel to read “Trump is gaining in the polls with more negative behavior, but the American people are clinging to that because they want to see some type of leadership. Unfortunately, we’re not seeing positive leadership.” (Jeb!)’s people called — they’re like their bumper sticker back.

“I’m waving papers, which may or may not support the bullshit coming out of my mouth,” Trey Gowdy seems to say, as Rep. Dennis Ross looks on, dumbfounded.

“I voted against the short-term continuing resolution budget (H.R. 719) today because Congress cannot continue governing from crisis-to-crisis.” So the solution is to create a crisis by not supporting the only solution on the table? “We cannot count down every few weeks to our next budget cliff when we have ample time and means to pass conservative, long-term budgets.” That’d be great, but unless you hold sway with the Freedom Caucus, who are supporting your colleague, Daniel Webster of Florida, for Speaker, it’s a moot point.

“Threats of government shutdowns and last minute voting must stop, and regular order must be restored. This short-term budget will only last for 72 days, which is extremely disappointing. Such poor management causes the American people to lose faith and confidence in those who represent them.” Hear, hear!

“It’s time for a fresh start.” I agree wholeheartedly — it’s time for you to step down, Denny. Escape D.C.’s rat race and get back to shooting things to put up on the walls of your office. Out of that office is where you really belong, and you know it. “It’s a wonderful time to be in the outdoors, where you don’t have to feel the pressure of everybody bugging you.” Y’see? I only have your best interests (and that of the American people) in mind, Denny.

You’re welcome.

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