About That Flagrantly Dishonest Trump Campaign Advertisement…

In July 2016, Calvin Anderson, a black construction worker from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was approached by a photographer outside his work site, who asked if he could take his picture. Anderson agreed, and was captured in a tight shot posing in his hard hat, a hardened look on his face. Several weeks later, the photograph was used in an advertisement promoting Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign. Anderson then received a call from his 94-year-old grandmother, who told him that she saw his twin in the commercial.

“I said, ‘Granny, that’s me.’ She said, ‘I’ma shoot you.’”

Video footage taken at John’s Friendly Market in Haddon Heights, New Jersey also appeared in the commercial. Subsequently, the owner has gone on record stating disapproval in regard to the store being featured in the ad, and that because that happened, business has begun to slip. The owner also requested that the advertisement be removed from circulation.

Nonetheless, the Pennsylvania-based communications director stated to the local NBC affiliate that both Calvin Anderson signed his written consent to be photographed and that the owner of John’s Friendly Market allowed stock footage to be gathered at his store by the production company.

However, Anderson, who plans to vote for Hillary Clinton, asserts that he had no idea that the photograph was to be used in the commercial, as the photographer did not present a purpose for the shoot.

“We thought it had something to do with the building. Before you know it he said, ‘Sign these waivers.’ I’m like, ‘Waivers for what?’ And it had nothing on there about Trump.”

In addition to Calvin Anderson unwittingly having had his likeness used in an advertisement for the candidate he opposes, this act on Donald Trump’s part makes for a triple insult, given his history of pathological prejudice against black people and his refusal to disavow endorsements from prominent white supremacists.

It is just as likely that the grocer was also kept in the dark about the real purpose for the stock footage of John’s Friendly Market. It certainly is not surprising. Because Hillary Clinton leads Trump in Pennsylvania by an average of 5.4 percentage points and is about a dozen percentage points ahead in New Jersey, it is doubtful that the photo and video crew would have gotten anything had they been forthcoming that the real reason for gathering photographs and video recordings was for a Donald Trump campaign advertisement. Realistically, they would have been stridently driven away.

All the same, that does not excuse the deception and public knowledge of this misrepresentation will not help Donald Trump in the upcoming election.


Featured image is public domain.

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