How To Win The Republican Voter Suppression Game (VIDEO)

Voter ID laws have nothing to do with in-person voter fraud and a lot to do with helping Republicans block voters so they can win.
Image: Maryann Tobin

Every American needs to know that there are ways to fight back against Republican voter suppression efforts.

Voter suppression in America has become a fact of life, thanks to the concerted efforts of red state lawmakers. Their tactics to limit access to voting include new voter ID laws, reducing or eliminating early voting times, cutting the number of voting locations, or moving them so far away that many citizens are forced to drive dozens of miles to reach a polling place.

Every American needs to know that there are ways to fight back against Republican voter suppression efforts.

  •  Don’t wait until just before Election Day to find out where, when, and if you can vote. Click here to check now, so if there is a problem or you need to get a voter ID card, you have time to get it done before voting begins. If you plan to vote by absentee ballot, or need to request any form of mail-in ballot, be sure to check your local election board for deadlines to obtain or request your ballot.
  • Verify your voting status. Click here to find links to each state’s Division of Elections to check your eligibility, find polling locations, hours of early voting, and whether or not your state requires voter ID.
  •  If your state has new voter ID requirements, allow yourself enough time (and maybe money) to gather everything you need so you won’t be turned away on Election Day, or given a provisional ballot that may or may not be counted.

Once your sure you have any required voter ID, and know where and when you can vote, be prepared to wait on line.

Voter ID laws and the elimination of polling places, combined with shortened early voting times has already wreaked havoc on millions of voters. During the 2012 presidential elections, voter suppression efforts led to waiting lines up to 7 hours in places like Florida and Ohio, and dozens of other states.

Voter suppression is already underway in 2016 presidential primary races  and the electorate should only expect it to get worse in November.

The Stakes Are Too High To Give In To Voter Suppression Efforts

In order to vote this year, plan ahead for time off from work and hire baby sitters, if necessary. You may also need to pack some snacks and bottled water, and maybe even bring a folding chair to your voting experience this year.

While this may sound like an awful lot to go through just to vote, remind yourself of what is at stake. Choosing your next president, senator, governor and local officials WILL have an effect on your daily life. Everything from the schools your kids attend, to the taxes you pay, the condition of the roads your drive on, war or peace, and whether or not you have clean air to breathe and safe drinking water from your tap, all depends on who you vote for.

Spending some extra time during election season is a small price to pay in exchange for the chance to choose lawmakers who could change the world for decades to come, if not longer.

Keep in mind that the Republican plan is deliberately designed to discourage you from voting! If you allow these efforts to work, you are surrendering your right to have a say in who has the power to make your life, the life of your family, the health of the planet, and the country as a whole, better or much worse.

Voting matters, a lot. And more Americans need to remember that.


Featured Image: Maryann Tobin

*** Maryann Tobin is the author of “Afterlife: The Journey Of A Dog’s Spirit.” 


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