FBI Email Backlash: How Much Of Your Money Was Spent Investigating Investigations?

As expected, backlash to the FBI email resolution was immediate. It’s as if somebody pee’ed in the pool. The entire right-wing blogosphere (and more than a few lefties) are losing their minds over the Hillary email resolution.

A supposedly erudite friend of mine who lives abroad posted an Op-Ed hit piece from the National Review. Yes, Rich Lowry’s Ayn Rand worshipping National Review. The Fox News comment boards are aglow like a scene from a Terminator movie. I’ve seen some pretty crazy crap over there, but nothing like this. As much as they squabble amongst themselves, they’re all in agreement over one thing: They have a common enemy, and its name is Hillary. She must be destroyed, because she got sloppy with her emails.

Funny…I seem to recall several years back, a fellow by the name of Mr. Turd H. Blossom allegedly destroyed millions of emails, which resulted in zero outrage from his party brethren. What’s more, he leaked the name of an undercover CIA agent, yet wasn’t indicted for it—which he did with both malice and intent, not recklessness—yet not a single Republican protested that prosecutor’s decision not to indict.

But Secretary Clinton is different.

One thread went on and on over the “illegalness” (no, that’s not a word, but it worked for this clown) of President Obama appearing with Secretary Clinton at a rally in Charlotte yesterday. He’d done the math! According to this genius, it costs $200,000.00 per hour to fly and maintain Air Force One (sounds about right to me). So by his reckoning, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama owe the taxpayers almost 1/2 a million smackeroos. How so? Because the president let Hillary fly shotgun from DC to Charlotte and back, a 50 minute trip each way. Ergo, they owe us $400K between them, dammit.

Okay, good for this guy for having better than average math skills over the garden variety Moonbat. But here’s the thing…

The political party he’s defending, the GOP, spent in excess of $7,000,000.00 investigating Benghazi Fever and they came up with zilch. Where does the line form for our refund? I figure that’s about 5¢ for every registered voter in the country, but there’s a principle here, right? Gummint shall not spend the People’s money upon boondoggles!

His beloved party also tried 60 times (yes, SIX-ZERO) to defund the Affordable Care Act, knowing full well that even if it had passed in Congress, there’s no way in hell the president would sign it. How many days NOT spent on the People’s business were wasted drafting these bills at the taxpayers expense? How many hours were pissed away in these brazenly partisan attempts to deny the public their right to healthcare coverage that won’t bankrupt them? Yes, we had to pay for that too.

And I seem to recall a year or two back, one newbie senator took it upon himself to shut down the entire United States Government, an act of insanity rarely seen, even from a party that has the monopoly on insanity. Total cost of that little stunt? $24,000,000,000.00. That’s twenty-four BILLION dollars, folks. According to my abacus, that’s nearly 50,000 round-trip flights from DC to Charlotte on Air Force One. Fifty-thousand. Yet when Senator CrĀz did that, was there any outrage from the right? Nary a peep. Because he was making a point by golly, so the gummint must have had it coming.

This country’s divided along so many fault lines now, it’s hard to map it all out.

Otherwise liberal folks are relying on absurd right-wing websites and publications to reinforce their opposition to the Democratic front runner. Republican law-makers—including the Speaker of the House himself—are now calling for investigations into Director Comey’s decision not to indict Secretary Clinton. And for those of you who don’t know it, Comey is a Republican, albeit one with an established record of integrity.

Yes, that’s right. ANOTHER INVESTIGATION to look into the previous investigation, which itself stemmed from an even more ludicrous dead-end investigation: Benghazi.

And the Republicans have the audacity to bitch about government waste. What was that definition for “insanity” again Dr. Einstein?

Feature image screenshot from CNN video

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