The Real Reason Paul Ryan Won’t Seek The GOP Nomination (VIDEO)

Though the Republicans want Paul Ryan to run, he is not interested, perhaps because he is aware that he will not prevail.

For the past couple months, establishment Republicans have been pleading with Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan to run for President of the United States. Of course, you can’t blame them, being that they find Donald Trump to be too much of an extremist, Ted Cruz to be too unlikeable and John Kasich to be too much of a loser.

Regardless, for the past couple months, Paul Ryan has declined these invitations, and on April 12, 2016, he offered an emphatic speech that he hopes will be the last word on the subject.

“I want to put this to rest once and for all. As you know, I have stayed out of this race and I have remained neutral.

“As Chairman of the Republican Convention, my job is to ensure that there is integrity in the process, that the rules are followed by the rulebook. That means it is not my job to tell delegates what they should do.

“But I’ve got a message to relay today. We have to much work in the House to allow this speculation to swirl or to have my motivations questioned.

“So let me be clear: I do not want nor will I accept the nomination for our party.”

Of course, Paul Ryan, even if he has any sort of advantage over the three Republican Presidential hopefuls, would only falter if he ran for the White House. Remember when he discussed policy during the Vice Presidential debate and the Democratic incumbent, Joseph Biden, the older and more experienced of the two, saw through Ryan’s “malarkey” and handily cut him to ribbons? If Paul Ryan were to get the nomination, he would again face an opponent who is older and more experienced, whether it be Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, and each would school him in a debate just as easily, which of course would precipitate a loss for Paul Ryan and the Republicans in November.

Another stumbling block for Paul Ryan and the other Republicans is that since 1996, voters aged 18 to 29 have cast more ballots for the Democrats than for the GOP, and in 2008 and 2012, the margin by which more 18- to 29-year-olds voted Democratic than Republican was wide enough that the Republican candidates for the 2016 election became interested in courting younger voters. However, being that studies have shown that millennials generally tend to have more liberal values than any age group, it appears that the kids just aren’t buying it. No surprise there, considering that Paul Ryan’s stances in favor of encroaching upon women’s reproductive rights and against same-sex marriage and medical marijuana, along with his budget proposals that have been designed to take from the poor, sick and elderly and give to the rich put him out of touch with younger voters who have been reacting to the world in a more enlightened way.

Of course, Paul Ryan is probably well aware that if he was nominated for President he would probably not fare that well against either Sanders or Clinton, being that an overwhelming number of predictive polls for the 2016 General Election favor the Democratic Party.

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