Even Conservatives Are Ripping The GOP’s Wrongheaded Reaction To Scalia’s Death (VIDEO)

Within 20 minutes of the announcement of his death, National Journal’s Matthew Fournier was getting messages from republicans declaring they wouldn’t even consider a nominee to replace him. The GOP began their ‘leading with their face’ opposition before the body was even cold. Fortunately, in this round of obstructionism, even some traditionally ‘right of center’ and conservative commentators are calling them out as overly political and just downright wrong-headed in their approach.

Even Tucker Carlson From Fox and Stephen Hayes from the Weekly Standard, who usually defend conservatives no matter what questioned the tact. Neil Cavuto, one of  Fox News’s main guys these days specifically calls out McConnell for being a hypocrite based on what he used to preach during his GOP whip days.

The fact is the GOP is close to just being derelict in their duties by declaring that they won’t even consider a nominee from the President. They have now put themselves in the position of having anything they do over scrutinized and if the nominee doesn’t get a positive outcome, cries of the fix being in from the start will be made — and probably justified. The GOP simply played itself in declaring no nominee acceptable before most people even realized Scalia had passed.

Check out the collection of reactions HERE;

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Featured image via screen capture from youtube.com


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