Erica Garner On Sanders Endorsement : ‘He Stood With Black People When It Wasn’t Popular’ (VIDEO)

Erica Garner, the daughter of the famously slain Eric Garner, who was suffocated to death by the NYPD for a minor ‘selling cigarettes’ charge on video — only to have no charges filed against the police who many feel were brutal and went far beyond where they should have in attempting to apprehend him, spoke to MSNBC about her endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders.

Like many, when Erica saw Sanders interrupted by BLM protesters, she thought it was really cool that the protest group ‘shut him down’ with their antics when Sanders politely stepped back and allowed the protesters to speak. Then she spoke with others who encouraged her to actually check Sanders out and look into his background. She did and found that Sanders was fighting for better race relations back in the 1960s. he was arrested for the cause in Chicago, he marched with Dr King and stood and stands with people like Jessie Jackson in continuing to work for a better tomorrow.

As Erica put it;

‘This guy is a protester. He grew up in the same (low income) neighborhood in Brooklyn that I am from … He knows our struggles … He put his body on the line in Chicago and got arrested  when he was about 22 in the 60s. He marched with Martin Luther King, he stood with Jessie Jackson — so he stood with black people when it wasn’t popular.’ 

The only troublesome thing about this clip is how MSNBC correspondent Kacie Hunt reacts to her statements with a judgementally sounding ‘hmmph” after some of her statements. That was totally unnecessary and an unprofessional demeanor from the young reporter. That is not to damn Clinton, either. In fact, I will mention that Eric Garner’s mother has announced her support for the former Secretary of State. Hunt didn’t need to try to put her thumb on the scale. Obviously, there is a good debate going on inside the Garner family, The  MSNBC reporter’s apparent attempt to diminish what Erica was disheartening. Not only her reactions but at times she seems to have a ‘sour’ look on her face as Garner was speaking. About halfway through, Garner herself seems to get a little annoyed with the ‘attitude’ she is getting from Hunt.

Check out the clip here and see if you agree;


Hunt asks Garner why she thinks ‘Hillary is so popular?’ the question comes off like Lisa Simpson asking Mr Burns a prescripted question in the classic episode.

Garner quickly points to the ‘familiarity’ factor with Clinton but thinks if others check out Sanders, they will see he is a candidate who is truly in their corner and has been since ‘before it was popular.’


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