Texas Court Shows Their Love For Exxon-Mobil And Air Pollution

The city of Houston was accused of “overreach” by the all-Republican Texas Supreme Court, after it tried to use local clean air laws to rein-in Exxon-Mobil and a few of their polluting petrochemical buddies.

Friday’s 8-1 ruling made it clear that when it comes to the Lungs of Texans v. Air Pollution/Exxon-Mobil, the lungs lose.

According to the Washington Post:

“The coalition made up of Exxon-Mobil Corp. and other companies with nearby refineries and plants had sued the nation’s fourth-largest city in 2008 after Houston passed ordinances that required businesses to pay registration fees based on the number and type of pollution sources on each site. The city used the fees to investigate potential violations of air pollution laws.”

What Can The Rest Of America Learn From This?

  • Big oil companies don’t care about you, your lungs, or any other part of your body.
  • It might not be that hard to bribe Republican judges.
  • Local laws only apply to people who aren’t giant corporations.
  • State and federal laws also only apply to people who aren’t giant corporations.
  • This could be why so many Republicans want to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and regulations.
  • Never go to Texas if you can help it.
  • Don’t be surprised if Republicans start claiming that there are amazing benefits to air pollution and patriotic Americans should demand more of it. Oh wait, they already did that. See video below.

Featured image: flickr/ Roy Luck

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