Science Debunks The ‘Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory’ In New Peer-Reviewed Study

Conspiracy theories. We hear them all the time. In fact, we even have a major party candidate running on them. Instead of science, he (Donald Trump if you were wondering) even presents his ‘evidence’ with ‘people are saying’ and explains how he’ hears things’ that propagate whatever theory he is spouting on that day.

One of the biggest conspiracies that have floated out there for years was that the government or some mysterious entity usually referred to as ‘they’ — have been secretly controlling us all by having chemicals such as strontium, barium, and aluminum blasted into the air. The conspiracy is known as ‘SLAP’ theory — which stands for ‘Secret Large-scale Atmospheric Program.’ It is not known if Trump himself believes the theory, but many of his supporters do sign on to it.

Ok, after you stop laughing, realize that almost 17 1percent of our population in the USA, actually believe the conspiracy, at least in part. Unfortunately for them, according to a peer-reviewed study by an environmental group that worked with 77 scientists, found the claims to be bunk. Their job in the study was to look at the evidence and evaluate it as true, untrue or inconclusive. An overwhelming majority of the scientists looked at the evidence and saw it as bogus. They found that pretty much every conspiracy put forth had a reasonable explanation.

For example, conspiracy theorists like to point at ‘breaks’ in the trail as ‘evidence’ that the chemicals are being turned on and off. In the real world, scientists easily showed how varying atmospheric conditions, namely drier air where the condensation would dissipate faster was a more logical conclusion.  Other contentions by the theorists fell flat as well when put under the microscope of science.

This was their ultimate conclusion;

A small but vocal group of people have been advocating that there exists a SLAP that is spraying dangerous chemicals from aircraft. Some people believing these theories have constructed websites that purport to show evidence of ongoing widespread spraying. With the exception of a fact sheet presented by government agencies in year 2000 (EPA, FAA, NASA and NOAA 2000), these claims have not been addressed by the scientific community, which may lead the broader public to be confused or uncertain about the validity of the claims and data.

We therefore offer the first peer-reviewed expert response on SLAP data, from both atmospheric scientists with expertize in condensation trails and geochemists working on atmospheric deposition of dust and pollution. Results show that 76 out of 77 (98.7%) of scientists that took part in this study said there was no evidence of a SLAP, and that the data cited as evidence could be explained through other factors, such as typical contrail formation and poor data sampling instructions presented on SLAP websites.

The number of aircraft contrails has been increasing. There have been revelations over the decades of governments undertaking action in secret without the informed consent of the population. It is reasonable that ordinary citizens should want questions answered concerning health, climate change, and pollution. While we understand that many of the fears underlying SLAP theories may be legitimate, the evidence as evaluated here does not point to a secret atmospheric spraying program. Changes in aircraft technologies may be causing contrails to persist longer than they used to, and changes in industrial development could potentially be increasing aerosol deposition in some areas. But the focus on a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program may be taking attention away from real, underlying problems that need addressing.

Yes, there was one guy who couldn’t ‘sign on’ to the study, though, according to the New York Times. He didn’t necessarily declare there was a conspiracy out there according to Dr. Steven Davis, who organized the study after having a conversation about the conspiracy with a mattress store salesman who was convinced a conspiracy existed. The rogue scientist, who was not identified, simply questioned two photographs as not being totally conclusive that no spraying was occurring, leaving it as a small possibility.

Davis did the study after doing research that found no one has really ever addressed the SLAP theories directly. He decided it was time to settle the issue once and for all. Davis felt the need to ‘once and for all’ determine if there was evidence of some large scale cover-up or if perhaps we should put our energies elsewhere, like the very real problems of climate change and pollution in the atmosphere.  At the end of the study, it was clear that we should concentrate on the latter as the SLAP theory was almost universally debunked.

Or as the folks over at put it;

Does this research show that contrails are merely the result of changing aerospace and atmospheric conditions, or does it show that a large number of scientists have been coerced into acting as mouthpieces for a shadow government intent on bringing humanity to its knees through chemical weapons? Most likely the former. Let’s go with that.

Yes, let’s go with that.




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