Mythbusters Host: Science “Gets It Wrong Rigorously” And That’s A Good Thing (Video)

On Earth Day this year, over 500 “Marches For Science” will take place. The purpose is to bring more awareness to the importance of science and the misguided notions around science as it relates to our world in general. It also is calling on lawmakers to consider the best science out there when making policy decisions. Mythbusters host Adam Savage sat down with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle to talk about the marches and how science should be looked at by all of us. (See video below …)

The interview began with Ruhle asking Savage if the planned marches are in response to anything in particular? Savage responded with a big “yes” and cited situations like in North Carolina, where lawmakers are being told to ignore science when it comes to making legislation about coastal waters rising. He found the premise of that “ludicrous and anti-human.”

Savage also made a major point that science “is not something that smart people are doing off in the corner to create facts for the rest of us to know.” He later went on to explain that science is a process. A major part of that process is getting things wrong. In fact, Savage pointed out that science is a process where we get things “wrong rigorously so that we can keep moving forward and getting it better and better” as we move along.

To those who think that “science is ok” but the government doesn’t need to be involved when companies and wealthy individuals could fund it — Savage had a definite reply:

“It is absolutely vital that our government fund science because that helps science be non-partisan and not beholden to a specific party like a company (can be). The enemy of science isn’t politics, it isn’t ideology — it’s bias.”

Savage went on to explain that having government be a neutral funder of science vs. a company helps us get past those inherent and “profit motive” biases that companies and wealthy individuals can bring along with their money.

Savage also pointed out that regulations, like the Paris climate agreement, don’t necessarily kill jobs, but create them. He pointed to renewable energy being the fastest growing sector in that field to support his claim.

The Mythbusters host also insisted that this was not an “anti-Trump” march in any way. In fact, he pointed out that even though people may disagree with each other on policy, we all start with a basic desire to make the world better for our families and our future. That, to him, is a non-partisan notion where we can all begin to find common ground.

Check out the short but highly informative interview below:

Over 500 marches are planned for April 22nd, 2017. Be sure to participate in one in your area! For more information, go to 


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