Another State Governor Defies Donald Trump And Commits To Fighting Climate Change (Video)

Gov. John Hickenlooper made Colorado the 13th state to defy Donald Trump and join the U.S. Climate Alliance. He pledged to reduce carbon emissions by 26%.

On Tuesday, Gov. John Hickenlooper made Colorado the 13th state to defy Donald Trump and join the U.S. Climate Alliance. This comes in response to the GOP’s president pulling out of the Paris climate agreement in June.

The U.S. Climate Alliance consists of state governors who’ve agreed to meet or exceed the goals set by the Paris Accord. The Denver Post reports Gov. john Hickenlooper, a Democrat, just issued an executive order that requires the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 26 percent by 2025.

As he prepared to sign the order, Hickenlooper declared his state will commit to the Paris Accord’s goals “regardless of what the federal government decides to do.” According to The Coloradoan, the governor also said his state’s beautiful wilderness is “central to our identity.”

“Clean air and clean water not only enhances the masterpieces of God’s canvas, they’re essential to our responsibility as stewards of the land.”

The Colorado governor told reporters he hopes state Republicans will come around as they see clean energy jobs replacing the ones lost due to the declining coal industry. He says the lower costs and greater efficiency of solar and wind energy, along with cheaper and cleaner natural gas will make carbon reduction possible while keeping people’s electric bills reasonable.

Hickenlooper also plans to install more electrical charging stations for the increasing number of people with electrical cars, and to set an example by making government buildings more energy-efficient.

National Geographic adds the 12 other states in the U.S. Climate Alliance are California, new York, Washington, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, Oregon, Hawaii, Virginia, Minnesota, and Delaware. In addition, Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory, signed on.

Cities, non-profits, and universities are also doing their part towards filling in the yawning emptiness left by Donald Trump’s and the GOP’s exit from the Paris Accords.

Even big corporations support the goals of the Paris Accords and the U.S. Climate Alliance.

That’s right. It’s not just mostly blue state governors and environmental groups that disagree with Donald Trumps’s and the GOP’s stance on climate change. CNBC reports some of America’s biggest corporations plan to reduce their carbon footprint. As it turns out, corporate America needs clean air and water too.

Nestlé recently announced their plans to promote “industry efforts and dialogue on this important topic” and to strengthen “our public commitments along our value chain.”

“Our company’s success ultimately depends on our ability to reliably source high-quality crops and other raw materials.”

A spokesperson for General Mills agreed that fighting global warming is in their business interests.

“We believe that investing in a low-carbon economy will not only help foster a healthier environment, it is also a key to unlocking new business growth potential for the US and around the world.”

Amazingly, these big companies even signed a petition urging state governors to support former president Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

Two years ago, 365 companies and investors — including Nestlé, General Mills, Mars, Staples, Unilever, and Timberland and North Face maker VF Corp. — signed a petition to state governors urging them to implement the Clean Power Plan in what the environmental nonprofit Ceres described as “an unprecedented show of business support for tackling climate change.”

These household name corporations include The Gap, Staples, Levi Strauss, Mars, Timberland, Unilever, and (of course) Ben & Jerry’s.

Even big energy companies — most of whose top brass want the Trump administration to roll back former president Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan — at least pay lip service to clean energy. A corporate mouthpiece from American Electric Power even claims they’re “in the midst of an important transition to support a cleaner energy economy.”

WATCH: Gov. John Hickenlooper signs Colorado up for the U.S. Climate Alliance.

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