New Pew Polls Show Only Two Countries Have More Confidence In Trump Than Obama

Trump has lost the world's confidence but gained Russia's. Sad.

“Sad!” — it is one of Trump’s favorite words, which also quite perfectly describes the latest Pew study on the world’s confidence in Donald Trump vs. Barack Obama. Trump is losing the world.

Yet again, the current White House resident can not live up to his predecessor. (Perhaps that is why Trump is still lashing out at Obama?) Most countries had great confidence in President Barack Obama, but two didn’t — those two are now the only two to show any real confidence in Trump, though even their support is lackluster compared to Obama’s numbers with the other countries.

According to CNN:

When each country was asked which leader they had confidence in to “do the right thing regarding world affairs,” only Israel and Russia had more confidence in Trump than former US President Barack Obama.

Here is a graph showing the Pew results:

From Pew Research

No person that has been paying attention can miss the fact that the two countries showing mid-line support for Trump are Russia and Israel. Nor that Trump’s highest numbers couldn’t hope to reach the level of Obama’s highs. While Trump tries to strip 22 million of his fellow of insurance to undo President Obama’s signature health care bill, it is painfully obvious that Trump would erase Obama if he could. Obviously, erasure is the only way that Trump will ever measure up to Obama, but that is beside the point.

Trump’s highest ratings of approval are in countries that didn’t approve of the actions of President Obama. Actions that insured nearly as many as Trump plans on kicking off the roles of the insured, and dragged our economy — kicking and screaming — out of the Great Recession, the worst depression since the Great Depression:

It is also important to put the economic performance in global context. During President Obama’s presidency, the United States’ GDP growth has beat the GDP growth of the other original NATO member countries by the widest margin of any president since World War II.

Jobs growth has been steady, health insurance available to all regardless of their health, and the failed war on drugs moving in a direction that would eventually empty for-profit prisons of indentured labor and reduced the number of people in Federal custody (an action already abandoned by Trump).

Not to mention the environment, with Obama putting us into the mainstream fighting man-made aspects of Climate Change, and Trump unceremoniously dumping the Earth on her petard by pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.

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But, the man that would end all of that just to erase another man he can never live up to has gained the confidence of Russia and Israel. In doing so, he lost the confidence of basically the rest of the world — and dragged us all down into the swampy gutter with him.

Featured image via Flikr, Gage Skidmore

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