Why Celebrating Labor Day Is Hypocritical For Republicans And Trump

ILGWU Local 62 marches in a Labor Day parade.

For Labor Day, we join Senator Elizabeth Warren and political commentator Robert Reich, in spelling out exactly why Republicans and Donald Trump should probably feel a substantial amount of guilt celebrating Labor Day.

Though Trump made it all about his “America First” politics, even on a day when America is horrified that he will likely rescind DACA, effectively deporting 800,000 or more American workers and children by refusing to offer them citizenship. That’s certainly not a normal or humane way to celebrate the American workforce. He might want to read up on what the day is actually about.

Here he is with his Twitter ode to Labor Day:

It seems he has no idea what Labor Day is all about:

Labor Day was created by the Labor movement and is “dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.” The first parade was on September 5, 1882, in New York City.

Elizabeth Warren shared a video on Twitter to celebrate the day, with a personal story and facts about how Unions built the middle class. Though 30 percent of workers were in Unions when Warren was growing up, now it’s only seven percent. Unions benefitted all working Americans by improving quality of life through negotiating for better wages, health care, and benefits:

“They helped lift the floor for everyone,” said Warren. Wages went up and families got stronger and our country got richer too. But today, the story is really different..”

She goes on to point out specific evidence that Trump has broken his promise to stand up for American workers. His agenda has only further tilted the playing field in favor of the rich. It’s something that must be changed if the middle class is to recover. We’ve had decades to try out Reagan’s “trickle down economics” and it is a failure.

Watch Elizabeth Warren’s video for Labor Day:

“Happy #LaborDay! Today we say loud & clear: Unions built America’s middle class, & unions will rebuild America’s middle class.”

One of the main ways the Republican party today is fighting the power of Unions: So-called “Right-To-Work” legislation. Economist Robert Reich calls Right-To-Work a “back door to destroying Unions.

Strengthening Labor Unions will be required to bring back the middle class. Despite some recent good economic news during Trump’s presidency, we are still riding the Obama economy. What will become of those advances during Trump’s presidency, now that his economic policy is just kicking in, is not yet known.

For more about why America must strengthen Unions, watch famed economist Robert Reich below:

Featured image: ILGWU Local 62 marches in a Labor Day parade via Flickr, Kheel Center (CC BY 2.0)

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