The Art Of Kissing Trump’s Ass: Trump’s New BFF Jacob Wohl Is An Alleged Fraudster

Trump rarely re-Tweets anyone to his 34 million followers on Twitter. Usually, he re-Tweets Fox and Friends or some right-wing rag like The Federalist or Info Wars — the Alex Jones conspiracy hour where Obama is still coming for your guns. But it would seem that there is just one more schmuck clawing their way up the Trump re-Tweet totem-poll: Jacob Wohl; an alleged fraudster currently barred from trading in the state of Arizona.

We’ll be sure to send him the definition of the word “redundant.”

According to a recent article from Talking Points Memo publisher Josh Marshall:

“[Jacob Wohl] is already a mini-star in conservative media and no doubt about to grow in such stardom with a retweet from the President. (It’s worth wondering, how did Trump find Wohl.) He also appears to be a veritable mini-Trump, racking up a reputation for defrauded investors, various boffo shenanigans and a batch of regulators on his trail.”

To answer Marshall’s question as to how Trump found Wohl: Likely due to the fact that Wohl is the youngest person to run a hedge fund starting his first company — Wohl Capital Investment Group — at just 17. Or maybe it was just because Jacob has made an appearance on Trump’s favorite place to get “informed:” Fox News.

Regardless, it would seem that Wohl is kissing up to Trump as much as humanly possible. Perhaps in hopes of a pardon since some of his business practices are ethically dubious at best.

Among the 14 counts of alleged fraud committed by the hedge fund boy-wonder: Jacob Wohl told an investor that he would only risk 20% of his investment capital but lost 50% in just 2 months. Wohl also misrepresented his company as a veteran organization of 35 years when it had only been around for about 6 months.

This should go without saying, but Trump Tower is far from the “most magnificent skyscraper in the world.”

“Fake it ’till you make it,” is okay until you start defrauding people on their investments, Jacob.

Wohl and his previous company, Nex Capital Management LLC, have already been permanently banned by the National Futures Association — a nationwide self-regulatory agency for the U.S derivatives industry. Wohl’s father accused the group of “regulatory thuggery” in August of 2016.

Regardless of who Wohl is, he obviously hasn’t been paying attention to how Trump repays those loyal to him. Jacob should forget about serving Trump and set his mind to the task of running a business centered around unquestionable ethics.

Featured image a composite of screen captures from YouTube and Twitter

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