Al Franken Shows Us What’s Really Wrong With The Senate GOP

The “Grand Old Party” of the United States is currently drafting a health care bill that could trash one-sixth of the economy. They are doing this in private, without any input from the Democratic party or the American people. One of the more troubling aspects, however, is that Republicans want to push it through and have it on the President’s desk before Independence Day, July 4th.

One Democratic Senator is making his voice heard outside the Senate. Former Saturday Night Live star and Democratic Senator Al Franken took to Twitter to make his point.

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Al Franken exclaimed his disdain for the Republican obfuscation of the American political process:

Adopted 160+ GOP amendments? Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell can’t even guarantee Democrats 10 hours to read the bill and propose amendments.

According to NPR:

“Liberal activists cheered on social media as Schumer forced McConnell to object to a motion to hold public hearings on the health care bill, and then pressed the Republican leader to commit to 10 hours of open debate.”

Watch McConnell writhe under Schumer’s scrutinous grilling:

Franken had a lot more to say on the issue of healthcare, however. He unleashed a veritable Tweet-storm slamming Republicans for this ridiculous obscuring of policy from the American people:

Franken hits the nail on the proverbial head in every Tweet. Were the shoe on the other foot, Republicans would be frothing at the mouth demanding the impeachment of the president. They would decry liberals as undemocratic; working against the best interests of the American people.

Therein is the underlying issue: The GOP has become everything they have accused Democrats of being: obfuscators in the process of drafting the Affordable Care Act, undemocratic, and just plain un-American.

It seems the only Republican that still believes in transparency these days is House Republican Justin Amash. Amash has no problem talking about his townhalls on social media and explains his decisions, votes, and proposals thoroughly to his supporters on Facebook.

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Agree with Amash on his policies or not this is a practice in transparency that should be a requirement of all politicians. Not this secretive drafting of legislation designed to keep political pressure off of Senators while they push through a bill that could potentially, and likely will result in thousands of American deaths.

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