Donald Trump Is A Narcissistic Genius, And It Is All The Media’s Fault He Is Winning (OP-ED/Video)

In an effort to dismantle common decency with the surgical precision of a drunken blind man performing brain surgery with a croquet mallet, Donald Trump has bludgeoned our political landscape with the blunt force trauma of a brick to the brains of the already brain dead.  This never before seen bastion of entitled and fearful stupid now freely and shamelessly wander about the streets and shopping malls of America.  Unfettered by any semblance of a conscience, these zombies of cognitive dissonance proudly suck the oxygen out of the mainstream media’s capacity to cover anything else.

The media gets fully erect every time Trump tweets out his next new crazy like a frat boy on Viagra in a room full of Playboy Bunnies.  And do not be confused on this point, Trump knows this, and has mastered and trained these corporate media whores to chase the revenue stream, often without even one single crumb of journalistic integrity.  Now ignoring the demagoguery of this disdainfully demonic deviant is most certainly not a responsible solution for the media to adopt.  Yes, we have an ethical responsibility to call this monstrous movement out for the misanthropic and malevolent nightmare that it has become.

However, the media has failed as a whole in how this sociopathic and sycophantic sociological phenomenon has been handled.  If one more reporter from the corporate media excitedly expresses the opinion that Trump has sucked the oxygen out of the political process, it would be remiss to not point out to them that Trump is playing them like a bongo drum to inflate his Hindenburg with the hydrogen needed to drive his campaign into the hellfire of hatred needed for the Rethuglican nomination.

Think on that.

Without the media attention, Trump would be an afterthought and irrelevant.  The abject betrayal of journalistic integrity by the corporate media has propelled a narcissistic baboon to the forefront of the 2016 race for the Oval Office.  This absence of ethical reporting has created a culture of crazies that are no longer afraid to show their morally bankrupt faces in the light of day.  In fact, Trump has emboldened and empowered this batshit band of low information, racist, homophobic and xenophobic fuckwits to march down the throats of our collective consciousness, flying their flag of fascist fear-mongering with pedantic pride.

Perhaps it was an oversight on behalf of our Founding Fathers that our Constitution was not written to exclude a masterful sociopath from running for President, but it would be equally unfair to accuse the authors of the Second Amendment of not predicting that a well-regulated militia would include low information miscreants from feeling entitled to own an armory of bazookas.  Trump understands this all too well.

Kurtz: Donald Trump, media machine

And that is the real danger of Donald Trump, and how he has been managed by the media by managing them.

Trump could literally put a baby on a spike, and the media would have an orgasm.  However, what they do not understand is Trump’s supporters would only cry foul on the libtard media maggots, and would cheer on their “hero”, screaming in spastic delight that it was obviously a gay, liberal baby on welfare, and thusly deserving of its fate on the receiving end of Trump’s demented and insane form of social engineering disguised as “justice”.

Trump, if nothing else, is a genius.  You cannot dispute his conniving and creative rise to the top of the most insidiously brilliant manipulation of everyone from Wolf Blitzer to Chris Matthews.  He does not need to fork up a dime of his fortune.  There is no need.

He has the Corporate Media by the balls, and just twists them into the daily feeding frenzy he fancies as Jeb! and the others slowly asphyxiate on the fumes of their emasculated efforts to compete for a knife to use against a bombastic baboon that they will never be able to outgun.

Steve Rothrock, Staff Writer
American News X

Featured Image: Tracy Knauss

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