Donald Trump Blames Woes On ‘Fake News’: Here’s Jake Tapper’s Brilliant Response (VIDEO)

How does President Donald Trump explain his sagging numbers in the national polls? He calls it "fake news." But CNN's Jake Tapper's not having it.
Featured image: Video screen grab via CNN.

What does President Donald Trump do when his numbers in the national polls are sagging? You’d think that with his approval rating at a record low of 42 percent as of Monday, he’d rethink the toxic agenda we voted against by a stunning 2.8 million majority.

Nope. Instead. Mein Trumpf took to Twitter and blamed his low approval rating in the national polls on “fake news.” In fact, he declared that “any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election.” He then added, “Sorry, people want border security and extreme vetting.”

Whoa, wait a minute there. Of course Donald Trump’s attempts to discredit the media come straight from the training manual for aspiring fascist dictators. But let’s get some things straight here.

First of all, polls weren’t wrong. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a landslide. But, as The Atlantic pointed out in their postmortem, the polls didn’t account for the electoral college. For most of our nation’s history, the Electoral College has aligned with the popular vote. Now, a vote from a Wyoming resident (pop. 563,767) counts 3.6 times as much as a Californian’s (pop. 37,254,503).

Second, yes, most of us want some form of border security. But most of us do not want a massive and ridiculously expensive wall.  Nor do we want what Donald Trump calls “extreme vetting.” Our processes for visas, immigrants, and refugees are already quite rigorous.

And third of all, the president does not get to call his lousy poll numbers “fake news” so he can pretend that he’s a legitimately elected leader instead of a soiled, orange byproduct of the GOP’s hostile takeover of America.

Jake Tapper calls Donald Trump out for his “fake news” B.S.

Some so-called journalists are trying to lay low and avoid ticking off Mein Trumpf. But CNN’s Jake Tapper’s having none of his “fake news” excuse for his low ratings in the national polls.

On Monday’s edition of The Lead, he opened with some serious snark.

“President Trump’s tweets are windows into his soul, unfiltered and often seemingly unmoored.”

First he tore into a tweet from last week that attacked a “so-called judge” for thwarting Trump’s will:

“This weekend,” Jake Tapper grimly noted, “we all got to take quite a gander of Judge James Robart, a George W. Bush-appointed federal judge who temporarily suspended the president’s travel and immigration ban.”

He then read the follow-up tweet aloud in a flat voice that underscored Trump’s wild incoherence.

The president’s defense for putting his top aide Steve Bannon in charge of the National Security Council (NSC)  proved worthy of mention…

…But Jake Tapper reserved the bulk of his scorn for Trump’s tweet that “any negative polls are fake news.”

“Let me read that one part of that again: ‘Any negative polls are fake news.’ You got that? Any polling suggesting anything negative about the president or his policies is not, in his view, real. Of well-sourced stories reporting the president didn’t know the extent.”

Before moving on to Donald Trump’s interview with Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, who accused Vladimir Putin of being a killer, Jake Tapper delivered a scathing summary.

“All right, to sum up, if a judge rules against the president, he is a so-called judge. If a poll shows that a majority of you disagrees with his policies, the poll is fake. If a well-sourced news story reflects something unflattering about him, that story is fake. “

Here’s the video.

Featured image: Video screen grab via CNN.

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