Dissecting The Vacuous Liar & Hypocrite, Manny Schewitz

,,,,,,,,,,,If you have ever had the displeasure of running into the flaccid intellectual cretin that goes by the name Manny Schewitz, then you will have certainly been traumatized by the banality of his superfluous platitudes. Manny is a hybrid crossbreed between a yelping Chihuaua and a braying jackass. While it is no surprise that his nom du plume is taken from a Kosher food brand, Manny is anything but Kosher. He is debased in every conceivable way.

To truly comprehend what a nattering philistine he is, one must first examine why he is the most vulgar of hypocrites and the psychological inspiration for his pathological dishonesty.

The first thing that any respectable journalist or reporter does is use their own name. For the purposes of this piece, I will not cater to the cowardice of a bully like ‘Manny’ by calling him by his fake name. It was Thomas Jefferson who intimated that the first rule a gentleman must observe in any civil discourse is that they must be honest and since ‘Manny’ is incapable of being honest, I will address him with the more appropriate name, Splattyschitz.

Several years ago, Splattyschitz decided to become a writer of sorts. Instead of honing his writing chops and impressing his readers with his absent “wits,” Splattyschitz thought he would earn some ‘street cred’ in the liberal community by taking the easiest path he could which was to attack liberals. Not that Splattyschitz is a liberal or a progressive, he claims that he is a reformed republican. The tactics he used to get his “credibility” were typical and sophomoric and reflective of a student of Fox News and Joseph Goebbels.

Splattyschitz certainly believes that if he repeats a lie enough, it will become true.

The first step any confidence artist must take in whatever theater he chooses to operate in is to first convince people that he is telling the truth. Splattyschitz did this by using one of the oldest tricks in the book. Sowing a seed of doubt in others about other liberals is a quick way to establish credibility. The next maneuver was to assume the moral high ground by climbing upon the throne of ‘ethical journalism’ and casting superfluous platitudes at people in the blogosphere who were more successful than he is or ever will be. Splattyschitz was using Rupert Murdoch’s playbook for tabloid journalism while polishing his laurels at the expense of others, while laughing at the gullible people who were daft to his villainous hypocrisy.

It was the poet William Blake who said, “Lone is the roll of Accuser, for he torments the just in the name of God for sin he commits in private, which God is Satan.” As you will see, nobody illuminates Blake’s point more perfectly than Splattyschitz.

There are several other people who have found the rank hypocrisy of Splatty to much to bear without redress. Splattyschitz has his very own Bitstrip called Whiskey Dick & The Most Eithical Blog which ridicules Splattyschitz’s “ethics.”


Because he was smited with a myriad of infirmities both physically and intellectually, Splattyschitz does not accept dissent of any kind or in any form and when anyone dares to proffer something akin to facts, Splattyschitz bans them and tries to abuse anyone he thinks is part of the “Axis of Ego.” That Axis meaning Addicting Info, Americans Against the Republican Party, Occupy Democrats, If You Only News and Being Liberal. Truly, only an anonymous man who claims to be honest and ethical can be trusted as a respite of journalistic integrity because if something is written on the internet, then it must be true.

The following is a sampling of a diatribe by the pusillanimous dunderhead Splattyschitz that he wrote for his click-baity rag-site called Forward Progressives. Splattyschitz has other sites that use the names of Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow to dupe their audiences into thinking that it is somehow reflective of the opinions of their namesakes, but what they really are is a means to promote the clickbait articles that he besmirches everyone else as having, only his don’t generate so many views because banal mediocrity doesn’t do well. Here Splattyschitz is droning on about how he is simply being forced at the point of a spear to defend his Governor Jindal because of a meme Occupy Democrats made. The added commentary is from yours truly:

So why does this matter? Because the truth matters, well not to nattering jackasses like Splattyschitz and this image by Occupy Democrats bearing incorrect information by the power of Greystoke, I have the power! was shared nearly 77,000 times as of the time of this publication.And by God I will use my anonymous name to protect the barbarian hoards of liberals who thought Bobby Jindal was an anchor baby! If only 10 people saw it every time it was shared I wouldn’t stop yammering about it, that is 770,000 times someone saw something that was not only false, but it also comes from a group that claims to represent liberals and progressives. Just trust me on this because I write stuff on the internet, I am not a habitual liar, just ask me. In addition to that, Occupy Wall Street has about as much to do with this group which claimed the Occupy name for their website as I do with right-wing conservatives. Oh what I would pay to matter!

At least one activist another anonymous person who interviewed the 4th cousin of a guy that told me something at a speedway when I was buying sour mix for my whiskey that allegedly had sex with a Sasquatch identifying themselves as affiliated with the real Occupy movement has put together an extremely extensive blog debunking numerous claims made by Occupy Democrats and their owner, Omar Rivero.Yet another man who makes more money than me because of memes! At the beginning, Occupy Wall Street was a progressive anti-corporation/anti-income inequality movement that, despite all of its faults (like not having an organized message), mostly meant well. And because I have the ethics of a common pit viper, you should believe anything I say and donate money to my whiskey fund.

Before the conspiracy nuts and right-wing libertarian types took over, have you had a hot cup of trumped up nonsense that has nothing whatever to do with the original purpose of this article or could you teach me how to string a cogent thought together? Occupy Wall Street was, at its core, a protest against our current political system and corporate greed. (did you know that grass is green too?) Now, in the ultimate irony,(which I can poison an entire country with) the Occupy name has been co-opted to make money for a group of individuals because if they had any real ethics, they’d be out digging ditches and grifting money for whiskey who have done more to hurt the progressive and liberal cause than they have done to help it.I really wish there was viagra for my brain.

This isn’t some random Facebook page with a few followers, this is a page that has mushroomed to nearly a million followers and millions of website views monthly,that I wish I had thanks in part to their network of page owners that include Matthew DesmondThe Great Satan Hisself of Addicting Info, Americans Against The Republican Party and Being Liberal. As much as these individualsminions of Mephistopheles lament the falsehoods and bias promoted by Fox News and other right-wing media to further the conservative agenda, they’re doing the very same thing to make a fat profit fatter profit than I make.

The owners of Occupy Democrats and Addicting Info have accused me of professional jealousy which is patently obvious since you are the most obscene hypocrite on the planet Splattyschitz, but (According to me) both websites have a long history of manipulating or falsifying stories about Republican lawmakers like Bobby Jindal because I say so and political figures to increase their web traffic and subsequent revenue. Why would any blogger write anything that people want to read? #potatologicFailsEveryTiem This has nothing to do with continuing the mission of Occupy Wall Street anymore than my Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow fan pages have anything to do with them and/or fighting Tea Party Republicans as Occupy Democrats claims, and everything to do with personally enriching the owners and writers of their website. Hypocrisy be thy fake name Manny Schewitz!

While writers like Lamar White Jr. and Robert Mann Will fluff for whiskey have done an incredible job of eviscerating You’ve obviously never seen a proper evisceration, until now Bobby Jindal and other Louisiana Republicans with well-researched truth, Occupy Democrats and others in their network of “liberal” bloggers have decided to put profit and notoriety over the real truth about the GOP Just like me. 

If Occupy Democrats and Omar Rivero really cared about the truth instead of making an easy buck, they wouldn’t be shamelessly Sociopaths like Splattyschitz are incapable of feeling shame passing off blatantly false “information” as truth. Yes Splattyshitz! Only you and your anonymous name can be the beacon of truth and internet journalistic integrity and you don’t grift for a dime for anything you do! You pay your bills with facebook likes and pixie dust! It seems like Occupy Democrats has more in common with the Tea Party than they’d like to admit, and that’s a damn shame for the liberals who constantly fall for this utter nonsense. It ‘seems’ like you are an unctuous bloviating pathological liar with the intellectual prowess of a lower order hominid.

Normally, I could care less what that hapless fucking gnatwit had to say about anything but Splattyschitz has repeatedly slandered myself and others with a plethora of lies. Splattyschitz has other critics that have expended the time and energy to confront his lies but what brought this whimpering coward into my purview was a post on his blog where he accused American News X of being owned by Matt Desmond or that we are a satellite of his “Axis of Ego.”

How did this beacon of “journalistic integrity” formulate this ‘theory’? Did he simply message the page asking who owned it? Did he ask anyone else who owned it? Did he make one solitary inquiry at all or investigate anything whatever? No. Splattyschitz does not care one iota about facts or truth. What he did do was find a link where one of Addicting Info’s writers used a video of ours and hashtagged it back to ANX. That is usually a common courtesy that is a good practice of journalistic integrity among online blogs. Instead, the fuck-witted dullard Splattyschitz deduced that this was prima facie evidence of ANX being owned by Desmond who he hates. Splattyschitz is constantly bemoaning anyone and everyone he disagrees with for having “confirmation bias.” Because he is a nauseating hypocrite and malignant narcissist with an ego that could enclose most dirigibles, Splattyschitz took to his whiskey blog to prove that his “journalistic integrity” is nonexistent and that he is a textbook example of the psychological term ‘projection.’

This excerpt is from his “ethical” Whiskey and the Morning blog again with added commentary by yours truly.

We were asked recently by some fans for a list of pages we do and do not endorse. Oh sure Splattyschitz, because only your opinions matter and this isn’t just another rant you wanted to post to shit on people you despise. So, here we go.

There’s a number of pages that I call “The Axis of Ego”. They are pages run by Samuel Warde, Lou Colagiovanni and Matthew Desmond – or their friends who are trying corner the market on liberal and progressive media on Facebook. How in the blue jesus fuck do you “corner the market” on liberal media on facebook when anyone can make a page and start blogging you perfectly designed imbecile?! There are other page admins who work closely with them and that collective group will often try to absorb smaller pages that produce good content or turn them into satellite pages for their network. Splattyshitz isn’t going to offer any facts because he writes stuff on the internet and you should just believe him. 

Why? They run websites that pose as “news” pages which are laden with advertising Just like Forward Progressives does and they want to get as much traffic as they can, Just like I do which translates into money. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money, the method by which they do it is shady, in my opinion. Then you are one shady bastard yourself since that’s how you get paid and because making money by writing on the internet and doing business with Google is what pimps and mafia members do Splattyschitz! These methods include mass reporting pages that will not work with them, cyber-stalking individuals, etc. Like when you reported this comment that was posted on your page by me after you started berating a woman I work with?


These are pages that we know about as much as we know about Perturbation Theory of that are owned or are in the clutches of these 3. This is not an all-inclusive list but it is a good reminder of what pages and practices to avoid as well as a list of pages that aren’t about putting profit first and the cause second.

After Splattyschitz decided to lump ANX in with the rest of his “Axis of Ego,” a colleague went to have a quiet word with the egomaniacal buffoon.



There is not one article or share from the sites Splattyschitz identifies as being in cahoots with one another on ANX. Did he bother to address his obvious lie? Or apologize? No, he simply banned Steve because as I mentioned before, he is a gutless coward and pathological liar. If he wanted to know who owns ANX, all he had to do was ask but he didn’t because he doesn’t care. He only cares about slandering and defaming everyone else that has slighted him in any way. (At least you have a reason to slander ANX now coward)

A couple of weeks ago, Splattyschitz decided to bully one of the women that works at ANX in a political group after she posted one of her articles. Because Splattyschitz can hide behind his anonymity and not be held accountable for his dastardly behavior, it emboldens him even more to abuse anyone he perceives as weak and part of the more successful blogs that he hates. Being the pompous and arrogant prick that he is, he would not dare pick on his intellectual superior, instead he prefers stay-at-home moms that are trying to feed their families to abuse. Yes he knew what he was doing and no he did not care that she was in no way affiliated with the people he hates. He has all the self-righteousness of Ted Bundy.

And that is the problem with being a unconscionable reprobate that cares nothing for truth or ethics, you let your own hatred hurt people who never did a thing to you. In your pursuit to prosecute those you claim are evil, you’ve become what you claim to hate and the most disgusting hypocrite imaginable. It was Confucius who said, “A man who makes a mistake and doesn’t correct it is making another mistake.” If Splattyschitz was not flowing with cowardice and had an IQ that scored in the domesticated animal range, he might have learned that.

It was the great Joseph Addison who addressed unethical lying miscreants like Splattyschitz so presciently in this piece from 1711:

A man of merit in a different principle is like an object seen in two different mediums that appears crooked or broken, however straight or entire it may be in itself.

There is a piece of sophistry practiced by both sides and that is the taking of any scandalous story that has ever been whispered of a private man, for a known, undoubted truth and raising suitable speculations upon it, calumnies that have never been proved or have often been refuted are the ordinary postulatums of these infamous scribblers upon which they proceed as upon first principles granted by all men. Though in their hearts they know they are false or at best, very doubtful.

If this shameless practice of the present age endures much longer, praise and reproach will cease to be motives of action in good men. How many minds are filled with uncharitable and barbarous notions out of zeal for the public good! What cruelties and outrages would they not commit against men of an adverse party if, instead of considering them as they are represented, they knew them as they are!

Thus are persons of the greatest probity seduced into shameful errors and prejudices and made bad men even by the noblest principle- the love of their country. We should single out every criminal out of the herd and hunt them down however they might appear… On the contrary we should shelter distressed innocence and defend virtue, however beset with contempt or ridicule, slander or defamation. In short we should make the man of merit our friend and the villain our enemy.

The internet is a powerful tool that can be used for good or ill. Beware of anonymous cowards that claim they are honest, that’s the first thing a liar will say and as anyone can see, Manny Schewitz is not only the most debased liar, his unconscionable hypocrisy is nothing a person of probity would ever aspire to. Manny Schewitz is a bungler who calls himself a journalist but the truth is that he is merely ineffably, legitimately vile.

The truth has power and that makes Manny, powerless. Should Manny care to address the truth in this piece, he is welcome to join the ANX podcast on Sundays if he can summon the courage but like all LIARS, Manny’s cowardice is legend.

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