Hypocrite DeVos Just Sold Out Trans Students At CPAC (VIDEO)

DeVos at CPAC

Just yesterday Betsy DeVos was giving us a glimmer of hope that, while her policies for the U.S public school system would be atrocious, that maybe she would at least stand up for student’s civil rights. Any hope for that has been completely dashed with her pandering performance at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Convention.

When Kayleigh McEnany began to speak to DeVos about trans civil rights, the crowd roared with applause at CPAC. Not because DeVos had made an attempt at standing up for the most vulnerable among us. But because Obama’s guidelines had been successfully¬†rolled back and transgender students would no longer be federally protected. No, civil rights are apparently becoming a states issue again.¬†Welcome to the new whites-only bathroom argument from the same old racists that haven’t done us all a favor and died yet.

Of course, repugnant, reprobate Republicans are constantly citing states rights in regards to any aspect of their immoral agenda they want to push through. We saw how states rights worked out so well during desegregation. This is basically the straight white male’s last attempt at keeping our society in some way segregated.

This is the same crowd of people who cast racial epithets at little Ruby Bridges as she was escorted to school by federal marshals.

Ruby Bridges making an incredible and defiant trip to school. Are we ready to relive this era?

Of course, Trump himself said that Caitlyn Jenner would be able to use any restroom that she wanted to in Trump Tower. He must consider her “one of the good ones” since she, like a petulant idiot, supported Trump and was used as a Republican tool to show that Trump wasn’t a bigot. Trump’s version of “I have a black friend.”

However, Jenner, like many ill-informed voters that cast their ballots in favor of the demise of the free nation that we enjoy, is now having some regrets.

Too late Jenner. You misled others in the LGBTQ community to vote for Trump, you are responsible, in part, for any torment suffered by somebody struggling as so many have with their own identity. As you did. You should be ashamed of yourself.

But I digress. DeVos had made a stand against Sessions and his attack on trans students. A weak stand that, not only did she back down from, but she completely¬†walked back during her time on the stage at CPAC. DeVos has proven that she isn’t a champion for students. Unless they are white, heterosexual, and Christian.

Watch as Betsy DeVos proves how much of a coward she truly is as she calls Obama’s defense of some of our most vulnerable people an overreach and an abuse of power, proving once and for all that she is no better than the hateful people she serves with. Her defense of bigotry begins at the 5:30 mark. We wouldn’t have you to sitting through her garble for long.



(Featured image of tweedle-dum is via screengrab)

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