Democratic Senator Unwittingly Gets Racist Trump Official To Quit By Asking One Question

On this week’s episode of the White House Celebrity Apprentice, another racist and totally unqualified member of the Trump Administration quit following some incredibly racist remarks. William Bradford, the director of the Energy Department’s Office of Indian Energy, stepped down in most ignominious fashion following inflammatory comments from a user appearing to be Bradford on the online commenting service Disqus. Bradford originally told CNN that his account was hacked and the comments were not made by him. Yep, the default defense when caught posting a d*ck pic or something racists is that your account was “hacked.”

“I cannot comment on an ongoing federal investigation into multiple cyber attacks and Internet crimes committed against me over the past several years, to include email intrusions, hacking, and impostors in social media,” he told CNN. The comments called former President Barack Obama‘s mother a “fourth rate p&*n actress and w@!re.” Another comment contends that Obama’s birth certificate is “an obvious fake.”

But Democratic Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore) wasn’t buying Bradford’s defense and decided to do a little digging.

On Wednesday, Wyden sent letters to the FBI and the Energy Department inquiring about Bradford’s hacking claim.

Bradford was already the center of controversy earlier this year for making sickeningly racist and antisemitic tweets he had posted before Donald Trump appointed him to the Department of Energy.  So that might explain why Wyden was simply not going to sit by and take the word of a known liar working for a known liar. News of Wyden’s letter to the FBI was reported by CNN, and as of yesterday, Bradford announced his resignation.

Here was Bradford on his abrupt resignation:

“I resigned because I reached the conclusion over the previous four months that the best way to serve the President, the USA, and Indian Country would be from a position beyond the constraints I experienced,” Bradford told The Washington Post by email following his resignation. “I look forward to helping make America great again in another role.”

But as Huffington Post reported, Wyden’s suspicions are showing themselves to be more valid as Bradford’s story falls apart just on “in plain sight” fact-checking:

Bradford denied being linked to the account and told CNN that he was the victim of “cyber attacks and Internet crimes,” despite posts by the account encouraging other users to contact the user at Bradford’s email address and phone number.

In other words, the Trump official is claiming this account is hacked and out of his control while encouraging people to contact him at his account. No one is going to continue to use a hacked account.

Based on that and Bradford’s history of lying and exaggerating, it might be a safe bet to conclude that the smoke he’s blowing up our a$$ is most certainly not clean-burning ethanol. It seems Bradford didn’t want the FBI combing the matter with a fine tooth and determining that it was him who made the comments, resulting in him being in a position of having falsely reported a felony. Much like his boss and every odious racist that makes up that slimy administration, they appear to be simply allergic to the truth.

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