Dan Rather On Jimmy Fallon Is The Hope-Fuel You Have Been Craving

Dan Rather on Jimmy Fallon NBC Tonight Show
Dan Rather on Jimmy Fallon is a must see for the weary

Jimmy Fallon just called Dan Rather the “voice of reason on social media,” and, he may well be.

At at time of unprecedented obstructionism against the free press, fear, and chaos sewn by our own leaders, we need fuel for hope. Today, that fuel comes in the form of clear, concise, journalistic integrity by none other than the living legend himself. Dan Rather spoke with Fallon about how he ended up on social media, how journalists should handle this administration, and his new media company. Speaking about how Trump attacks the media and journalists, Rather said:

We’ve never had anything even approaching this. The closest we’ve had was during the presidency of Richard Nixon, but even then the President himself did not, so often, so openly and so personally assault and attack, not just the press as an institution, but also individual press members as well. We’ve never had anything even approaching this at anytime that I can remember and, you know through history, it just hasn’t happened.

Dan Rather has brought us News and Guts Media. The new company bridges the gap between the trustworthy mainstream media of yore and today’s pop-news-off-the-Facebook-feed culture. Having already crossed the boundaries from purely print and radio media, to television, and now into the rapidly evolving multi-media based social media news audience, Rather has 60 years of experience evolving with our technology and the reputation as a truly gifted, honest journalist to do this well.

From the News and Guts website:

Founded by iconic newsman Dan Rather, it brings together a team of experienced journalists and storytellers with a focus on high-quality nonfiction content. While rooted in strong traditions of news and investigative reporting, the company is developing projects about science, technology, history, music, the arts, sports, and social justice issues. It is also in development on scripted series.

Dan Rather’s Powerful Reply To Trump Propagandist’s ‘Alternative Facts’

In case you don’t know Dan Rather, or don’t really get what he brings to the table here that would lead Fallon to dub him social media’s voice of reason, click on the link above and watch the clip below:

News and Guts media is available on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Featured image via screen capture from Youtube

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