Damaging Emails Show A Scam, But It’s Not Hillary The GOP Exposed


The free press was one of the Founding Fathers chief concerns. They were adamant that the public’s right to know was a cornerstone of the foundations of liberty. So much so were their concern, that they immediately placed it in the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments of the Constitution. In England, the press was also free, but it was often criticized for its free-wheeling methods and scandal mongering efforts.

The Good King Georges, III and IV, both suffered the presses unceasing criticism and derision. Yet it pointed to what both Kings were doing at the time. One was ignoring his son’s affairs and the other was ignoring his father’s slow decline into madness. It was fodder for the masses. It was usually factual since late 18th Century newspaper editing was mostly “print to fit.”

The Founding Fathers never took into consideration that a newspaper or any media would be taken over by owners with a political interest. It was a given. They knew there would be “Whig” papers and “Federalist” newspapers and every other political party there was would eventually try to have a public voice with a newspaper. That was the general idea.

Never would they have dreamed that corporations would take over newspapers as their personal tools to fool the public. That’s why this revelation from the investigation of Former Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton is so shocking. Why are we not hearing of it?

Rather than see and hear the information “revealed” by the investigators, we’re seeing Trump and Bush in a “twitter war.” We’re seeing nonsense spouted by Ben Carson. We’re seeing the public hold its collective nose of Trump being invited to host Saturday Night Live. We’re being distracted by shiny toys and popping balloons.

Here’s what’s going on: The geniuses in the GOP have been investigating (AKA hoping to find dirt on Clinton) the emails Former Secretary of State Clinton handed to them over allegations that she deleted said emails and (shock) used a server, not under the scrutiny of the US snoops with alphabet titles.

Mrs. Clinton has been forthcoming, has been honest and has continued to cooperate with the investigators. Now the committee has uncovered something big. Something damning. Something they weren’t freaking expecting because it puts them, not Clinton, in a bad light. The worst light of all.

Bush, it seems, talked a lot with Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair about the state of Iraq. Most pointedly, how they could oust Saddam Hussein and make themselves look like heroes.

Long before 9/11, the “master craftsman” G.W. Bush was looking to put our troops in harms way. He didn’t need Dick. In most of his emails, there is no mention of Cheney. This was all W.

Both men were like 9-year-old boys at a sleep-over, giggling about how they were going to prank the guy with the “super-stache” by devastating his country and making millions homeless and under threat of death every waking moment of the day. You know, just kid stuff.

The European papers are full of this story, and we heard from it via The London Mail. Why? We should not be surprised. Since the beginning of the second millennium, we have seen the news media of this country slowly erode from a source of information to a source of gossip.

The “People Magazine” and “Tabloid” mentality of the media finally took hold over true journalistic credibility. We are inundated by hundreds of stories about Kanye and Kim, what celebrity fathered what celebrities child, and all other nonsense and non-news other than the topics at hand.

Time was when entertainment news had its own section, the way in the back of the paper after all the real news. Now it’s on the front page. And important facts like this, that show that the GOP is every bit as corrupt and untruthful as they accuse Clinton, The POTUS and anyone they oppose of being.

The public needs to make a choice. Is it more important that a President lied about not taking military action while planning said action with another head of state? Or is it more important to know about some ex-athletes sexual antics that put him in a coma?

One cost the life of a celebrity who didn’t think ahead. The other cost the lives of men and women who didn’t have to be put in harm’s way.

Your choice.


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