Trump Said Cuban Too Dumb To Run, Yet Cuban His ‘Biggest Fear’ In 2020?

Mark Cuban Trump's biggest fear
Mark Cuban shuts down Trump twitter attack as NY post reports he is Trump's biggest fear.

The New York Post has reported that Mark Cuban tops the list for Trump’s ‘biggest fears’ in 2020. That is made even more credible by Trump lashing out at him for not being smart enough to run for president, Sunday on Twitter:

It seems that Trump will attack anyone he sees as a threat, even our courts and judges. Well, really anyone at all, even General McCain, but especially those who call him out or worry him. Or if they do something that might hurt his or his family’s finances or interests, or if they ask him tough questions, or if they report the truth. From Rosie O’Donnell to Nordstroms, CNN to Megyn Kelly. He is infamous for attacking, the wise old wives’ tale warning that cornered animals are likely to attack comes to mind.

Most of us would use logic in place of blatant name calling (or along with it, let’s face it, this is the era of direct speech or GTFO) but not Trump, he jumps straight to the defensive.

Mark Cuban, on the other hand, saw the attack for what it was, lame and toothless. His first response, “Lol”:

His second, well, it was proof that Trump knows exactly why Cuban’s support of him faded and finally died in a spectacular fireball of support for Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton. Trump’s actions, his constant seat of his pants misstatements, and his apparent lack of grip on reality may have played heavily in that, but then, there was also this exchange:

Trump did not say why he was attacking Cuban, but a recent article by the Star-Telegraph may show the reason:

Cuban recently commented in New York that he didn’t think Trump “would last four years, but we’ll see” and that public-corporation CEOs should be careful with talk about President Trump but “be an American citizen first,” as reported by the Star-Telegram’s Dwain Price.

Then again, a report from the New York Post may hold even more of the answers. The White House, they said, is already compiling lists of potential opposition to his 2020 bid (should he finish this 4-year stint). That list doesn’t have the names you think it does. Sources say that the White House has already ruled out Corey Booker, he is vulnerable to opposition research they already have. The figure that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are way too old to be serious contenders. They figure NY Mayor Cuomo is also not a serious contender, because of a corruption scandal by a former aide. They think that Kristin Gillibrand, 50, is too young to be a problem.

But, Mark Cuban, he is the top of the list, literally the White House’s “biggest fear.” The billionaire can appeal to independents and Republicans, he is staunchly opposed to Trump, and simply put — he has the outsider appeal without the possible mental illness.

“He’s not a typical candidate,” the second insider said. “He appeals to a lot of people the same way Trump did.”

Cuban’s final reply on the issue was perfect, at least when Trump is tweeting he is (hopefully) not also making a complete mockery of an attempt to govern. He was asked by Matthew Slutsky, “Hey , what’s the back story here? Whys the POTUS dissing you all the sudden?? Thanks.” His reply:

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