The Coulter Would Like to See More Violence at Trump Rallies

Right-wing commentator and bag of nails Ann Coulter is making a play to regain her title as champion of inflamatory invective. Seemingly dissatisfied by inadequate levels of violence at Donald Trump’s political rallies this past weekend, she took a break from whatever it is the likes of Ann Coulter might do on a Sunday afternoon to get a jump on her weekday gig as detestable poo-flinging provocateur, expressing in a tweet her ardent hope to see just “a little more violence.”

So, let me see if I can break this down:

“Violent leftist hoodlums” peaceably protesting a Trump rally incited “innocent” Trump supporters to violence by virtue of being at said rally, but the violence was just not quite enough violence to please Ann. Did I get that right?

While we’re on the topic of blame-shifting, Coulter is not alone in her deluded game of hoodwinkery. Donald Trump is on record placing the blame for this weekend’s shenanigans onto Sen. Bernie Sanders, while Sen. Ted Cruz has, with a leap of logic that does not fail to astound, attributed it to a “moralizing” President Obama, both appealing to the GOP’s irrational hatred of the president and obviating the role of the GOP in the over-heated rhetoric that incites violence. Well played, Ted.

But, back to Coulter. Having garnered quite a following as a professional pot-stirrer, it should come as no surprise that she supports the basest aspect of Trump’s campaign. Wherever true ugliness can be found, Coulter is sure to slither out from under her rock to exploit it.

And while working on a Sunday may qualify Coulter as an “over-achiever,” it’s fair to note that with Trump’s recent domination in the areas of vitriol and hate-schtick, it’s become increasingly difficult for her to achieve distinction as the most foamy-mouthed rabble rouser on the right side of the aisle. What else is a girl to do?

It’s not enough to merely wax nostalgic about by-gone days when one could perpetrate violence with impunity.

It’s going to require some significant overtime to punk Trump at his own game.


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