GOP Candidate For Va. Governor: ‘I’m Proud To Be Next To The Confederate Flag!’ (Video)

Imagine someone too outrageous for Donald Trump's campaign and you've got Corey Stewart. This Confederate flag waver's running for Governor of Virginia.

Imagine someone too outrageous for Donald Trump’s campaign and you’ve got Corey Stewart. This Confederate flag waver serves as chair of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors and now he’s running for Governor of Virginia in the GOP’s primary.

The Trump campaign fired him as their Virginia state co-chairman back in October after he refused to shut down a rally at RNC headquarters in October. The dozens of people gathered to protest what they saw as the GOP backing away from Donald Trump after his Pussy-grabbing comments.

You’d think Not-My-President Donald Trump would reward Corey Stewart’s loyalty. Alas, his over-enthusiasm and calling Republican leaders “establishment pukes” likely forced the campaign’s hand.

Then, in March, he hosted an “Ask Me Anything” forum on Reddit and raised hackles for calling his opponent, Ed Gillespie, a “cuckservative.” Cuck stands for “cuckold,” and it’s an alt-White “alt-Right” put down for conservatives whom angry white supremacists don’t find conservative enough.

Now, Corey Stewart’s under fire for the ugly pro-Confederate flag comments he made at some vile event called the Old South Ball in Danville Saturday night. Surrounded by Confederate flags and people dressed in Civil War-era costumes, he vowed to protect Confederate monuments in the state of Virginia.

Amid loud cheers and applause, Corey Stewart vowed to defend the Confederate symbols of Virginia:

“Over my dead body when I’m governor of Virginia are we ever going to take down the statue of Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson or any hero of the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

That’s right. Germany has atoned for the role their people in the horrors wrought by the Holocaust. But here in America, we still can’t own up to the slavery, genocide, and continued ill-treatment we’ve inflicted on African-Americans. As South Carolina proudly raises its Confederate flags again, Corey Stewart and his supporters are champing at the bit.

In his speech, Corey Stewart declared:

“I’m proud to be next to the Confederate flag! Any day! That flag is not — it is not about racism, folks. It’s not about hatred. it’s not about slavery. It is about our heritage. And it’s time — it’s time — that we here in Virginia — if we don’t do it in Virginia, who else will? It’s time that we stop running away from our heritage, it’s time that we embrace it, it’s time that we embrace our history, we embrace our heritage, and we take back Virginia.”

No, we should not embrace this hate symbol or the kind of society it represents.

Later in the same speech, Corey Stewart added that Virginia is “where it all started. This is where it all started.”

“Virginia’s the state of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe. But it’s also the state of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson! And let me tell you something, let me tell you something. That is our heritage. That is our heritage. It’s what makes us Virginia. And if you take that away, we lose our identity.”

Slavery is a part of our heritage and identity. But it’s not something for us to celebrate. In fact, our titans of business and Wall street still rely on an economic development model based on a cheap, docile workforce…Which isn’t slavery but is getting closer and closer to it. That’s why the minimum wage hasn’t risen with the cost of living and why our for-profit prisons literally rent out their captive workforce to corporate America.

Watch: Corey Jones vows to restore the Confederate flag.

Here’s the short version of Corey Jones’ Speech via Now This‘s Facebook page.

And here’s the full version.

Featured image: Video screengrab via lowkell/YouTube.

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