Why Are You Convinced Hillary Is A Criminal?

Hillary Clinton

“I don’t care what facts I read, Hillary is a crook and nothing will change my mind.”

For many readers, “Hillary Clinton” and “criminal” have become so synonymous that whenever we suggest otherwise, they flood us with laundry lists of crimes for which that they are 100% convinced she is guilty.  These include:

  1. She engaged in massive corruption and fraud in Whitewater.  FALSE.
  2. She is a murderer.  She offed Vince Foster by making it look like a suicide (FALSE), and killed Ron Brown and 34 others by causing his plane crash (FALSE).  
  3. She uses the Clinton Foundation to launder money.  FALSE.
  4. Benghazi: She intentionally lying about the Benghazi attacks as they unfolded (FALSE).  She personally refused to provide enough security (FALSE).  She murdered the four Americans who died during the attack (FALSE).
  5. E-mails: The FBI found her guilty of breaking the law by using a private email server as Secretary of State (FALSE).  She deleted 30,000 top-secret emails (FALSE).  She leaked secret documents to foreign agents (this one is so FALSE it doesn’t even show up on Fox News!).
  6. She caused Capt. Humayun Khan’s death.  FALSE.

In addition, people continually rattle off she is “crooked” behavior, such as:

  1. She was fired from the House Judiciary Committee’s Watergate investigation for lying.  FALSE.
  2. She begged to defend a child rapist, got him acquitted, and laughed about it.  FALSE.
  3. She tried to discredited the woman who claimed to have had affairs with her husband.  PARTLY TRUE.
  4. She created ISIS.  FALSE.
  5. She set up the talks to give Iran $400 million.  FALSE.
  6. She rigged the debate schedule.  FALSE.
  7. She committed voter and election fraud.  FALSE.
  8. She will raise taxes on the middle class.  FALSE.
  9. She will destroy the environment.  FALSE.
  10. She wants to abolish the 2nd amendment.  FALSE.

There are a lot more accusations out there, these were the ones that people bring up the most with us (see it for yourself here and here). 

The fact that so many readers are unshakably convinced of her guilt is not even the most troubling part in all this!  They insist that she has expertly hid all the evidence to every single one of those crimes, and that she has had all the right people in her pocket or on her payroll all this time, so that she is never, ever indicted.

If this is true, then Hillary Clinton is the greatest criminal mastermind in the history of the known universe.  Heck, even Lex Luthor, Lord Voldemort, and James Moriarty couldn’t hold a candle to her.  

What would Sherlock Holmes do?

So stop for a minute, and consider, is Hillary really this larger-than-life super-villain, or should we apply Occam’s Razor and ask if there is a simpler solution?  Dig a little deeper in all the claims and accusations listed above, and you will find that they almost all originated with, or were resurrected by, Donald Trump and his campaign*.

As of Aug 6, 2016, PolitiFact has rated 70% of 214 Trump statements as lies.  He added 7 lies in the past 2 weeks alone.  With 40 pants-on-fire statements, he has told more bald-faced lies than anyone in their database of more than 3,400 people and groups.  On the other hand, Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine are in the top ten most honest people.  Isn’t it highly suspect that the people shouting the loudest that she is a crooked criminal mastermind are the people who are the most dishonest in all of current American politics?

Character assassination and deception is an unfortunate but inescapable part of our political process.  I have a good friend of many years with whom I spoke about politics for the first time the other day.  She was visibly enraged by Bernie Sanders’ candidacy, because she said he was a communist who wanted to take away everybody’s money and give a free Lexus to every kid who graduated college.  Now you could roll your eyes and say “well you two are just idiots,” but you’ll have to take my word that we aren’t.  She’s done well for herself as a hard-working business owner, and that was the message that resonated with her fears.  That’s what political marketing is all about.  And let’s face it, Donald Trump is the king of marketing (how else could he keep himself solvent through all his business failures?).  Or shall we now call it “propaganda?”

The fact is, Hillary Clinton is only guilty in the court of public opinion.

America, what are we doing??

Our entire legal system guarantees each citizen is INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY in a COURT OF LAW.  The 6th Amendment states “the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and PUBLIC TRIAL, by an IMPARTIAL JURY.”

Look, no matter how much you hate, loathe, despise, and abhor a person, they get the same legal protections as you. Because that’s what you would demand if the tables were turned.

So let’s cut the self-righteous crap. You don’t have all the facts, I don’t have all the facts, the media doesn’t have all the facts. You, and I, and everyone else except a judge and jury have no right to strip Hillary Clinton of her most basic rights and resort to this shameful vigilanteism. Because that’s what it is, plain and simple.


*For full disclosure, I am a registered Democrat but I identify as a Democratic Socialist.  I did not support Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders in the primaries.  I believe Sanders can do more for our country if he takes a larger role in the Senate, and I preferred Martin O’Malley’s positions and statements to Clinton’s.  If John McCain hadn’t lost to Bush in the 2000 primaries, I probably would have voted for him over Al Gore.  I would have voted for George H. W. Bush against Dukakis had I been 18 in 1988.  I try very hard to follow the facts, call it as I see it, and am not a paid shill for Hillary Clinton.


Featured Image: wikimedia commons

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