Conservatives Finally Call A White Man With A Gun A Terrorist


In Alexandria, Virginia a baseball diamond where Republican members of Congress were practicing for a bipartisan game erupted with the loud, crashing sound of gunfire. The politicians themselves the target of a terrorist bent on their destruction.

Five people were reported injured, one of whom was House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise.

According to ABC News, Scalise’s office said, “prior to entering surgery, the Whip was in good spirits and spoke to his wife by phone. He is grateful for the brave actions of U.S. Capitol Police, first responders, and colleagues. We ask that you keep the Whip and others harmed in this incident in your thoughts and prayers.”

The reaction from the far right, however, is more hostile and not so much “thoughts and prayers” for those injured in the horrendous attack with many taking to Twitter to label the white male shooter a “liberal terrorist.” Oh, the irony.

It would seem we finally have the answer to the question: “when will conservatives start calling white shooters terrorists?”

Conservatives wouldn’t call Dylann Roof a terrorist after he gunned down innocent church goers during service claiming it wasn’t politically motivated. Even though the FBI’s official definition of terrorism is: “The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

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Robert Louis Dear Jr. was not labeled a terrorist by the right. The deranged lunatic was driven to mass murder at a Planned Parenthood in Boulder, Colorado by a right-wing anti-abortion group which fabricated viral videos later found to be false, the culprits criminally charged. The claims made in the videos were gruesome and among many was the allegation Planned Parenthood sold body parts from aborted fetuses.

As Robert Louis Dear Jr. was loaded into a police car he is reported as having said, “no more baby parts.” The attack was politically motivated to change the way a society acts. Still, the silence from the right was palpable.

Republicans in Congress have been making moves toward drastically slashing benefits for the poor and strip health care from millions, a move that will result in the deaths of Americans, all for a tax cut for the rich. Pointing this fact out does not mean the media is trying to influence liberals into committing acts of terrorism. It does, however, mean that somebody that is unhinged and insane will try to change things with more than a vote. Republicans should, perhaps, reconsider their position making it easier for mentally ill people to purchase firearms while simultaneously taking away their health care.

Today, five Republicans were injured in what appears to be a politically motivated terrorist attack. Today they were the victims of a crazed white shooter. Today a white man was finally called a terrorist by conservatives.

Featured image of Robert Louis Dear Jr. (right)  Dylann Roof (left) and via screen capture from YouTube 

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