Conservative Blogger Attempts to Discredit Trump Protest With “Rape Melania” Sign


A disgusting new hashtag is trending on Twitter after an alleged anti-Trump protester held high a sign that read “Rape Melania” at a demonstration on the 12th of November.

However not all is what it would appear to be.

It would seem a conservative blogger is at the heart of this false story. That this is an actual protester is a dubious proposal at best. 

There are no actual witnesses that have come forward describing the scene nor does it make any sense that a protester would hold up a sign facing away from that which they are protesting. Conveniently there is someone far enough away to snap several pictures of the sign.


This is likely a right wing bloggers attempt to make some quick bucks by sparking outrage and getting some recognition at the same time.

That the Washington Post would run with this story without first researching it is unfortunate and only harms the credibility of the writer and the news outlet itself. The photos of the sign (that was held BACKWARDS) all have originated from conservative blogger twitter accounts. It seems that Callum Borchers, the author of the Washington Post article, has been had.

The story originated from the Twitter and YouTube account of an alt-right blogger named Beck. Being alt-right gives an immediate motive to falsifying and creating a “news” story out of thin air in order to rile up their base of ill-informed patrons.

And boy are they riled up.

The hashtag is now trending thanks to repeated use in Tweets from conservatives using the hashtag to- get this – blame liberals for the hashtag trending.

My search of over 100 Tweets did not yield one single liberal saying anything about this. In fact they were all being made by people calling liberals disgusting for the hashtag trending. This is truly a “shaking my damn head” moment.

It is simply loathsome that an alt-right blogger would stoop so low for ratings. However we must ask ourselves, “are we really surprised?”

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