Confederate Domestic Terrorist Bombs Wal-Mart In Mississippi (Video)

credit: screen capture via

Just when you thought the confederate battle flag issue was over — meet Marshall Leonard. Mr Leonard believes that since the Wal-Mart in his neck of Mississippi like all Wal-Marts ceased to sell his beloved Confederate Battle Flag and the Mississippi State Flag, which features a mini Confederate Flag in its upper left-hand section, they deserved to die. Not just any death either, but a fiery and explosive death via the bomb that he threw inside the store.

According to reports, Marshall had been sending threats on the Wal-Mart website / facebook pages and on the sites / facebook pages of local news station, whom he saw as ‘co-conspirators.’ On Sunday morning, around two AM, he made good on one of those threats throwing a homemade bomb into a Tupelo store.

After lighting his poorly constructed bomb ( experts say the bomb could have done some real damage had it been assembled properly)  on fire and fleeing the scene, Marshall was apprehended after running a red light. During the stop, the police received word of the bombing and arrested Marshall.

The bomb apparently did little damage and the Wal-Mart was soon back to selling things that aren’t the Confederate Flag or the State Flag that features a Confederate Flag. No one was injured.

Marshall has been seen recently at a city council meeting (in a video below) donning both a Confederate Flag t-shirt and draping himself with another flag like a cape.

Check out the reports below that show how one man just can’t let go of his racist past HERE;

And here …

This was clearly an act of terrorism using a weapon of mass destruction by this ‘son of the south.’ Hopefully, it will be treated that way.

Featured image via screen capture. 

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