CNN Makes Up Gimmicky New Poll — Here’s The Real Facts On It

What do you do when nobody cares about Hillary’s pneumonia anymore, and there’s currently no missing airplanes or stranded cruise ships to cover 24/7? You make up a B.S. poll so you can push misleading headlines, of course.

CNN did that very thing with their latest story about how Trump is beating Hillary in Ohio. Is he? Who the hell knows, because their poll has a funny gimmick. The amount of people under 50 years old only made up 18 percent of it.

Yeah, if you want to give a candidate a lead for whatever reason.. Slow news day, appeal to the right-wing, make Karl Rove feel better, just make sure you poll as few young people as possible and you’re guaranteed to get ASTOUNDING BREAKING NEWS about how Trump just passed Hillary in what is one of the most popular and coveted states in electoral politics.

Here is CNN’s original report showing the numbers.


Notice the 18-34 and 35-49 columns. N/A straight down. Turns out they actually did poll some young people, but the number of them so so little that it didn’t meet their standards for even including it on the list.

Then, to make things even more vague, they include an “under 45” column on the end where they have numbers listed — as their first two are totally blank for the same age range. You can see how Hillary has a slight edge in the younger demographic by one point, then trump immediately beats her by 9 afterwards.

Of course this will look like Trump has the lead, so that means it can be reported that way. Right? Young voters made up between 45-51 percent of those who voted in the last 3 election cycles. Sampling only 18 of your total in their age range is faulty mechanics at best, and an intentional misrepresentation at worst.

To sum it up, the only way Trump is going to win Ohio is if the most excited block of Hillary supporters in the state all decide to just stay home on election day. That just ain’t gonna happen, CNN.

Nice try making your own news, but if you’re gonna do that, next time don’t let us see the numbers. It makes it too obvious that you’re lying.

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