Clinton PAC Launches New Program To Troll Trump

Troll Trump

A pro-Clinton PAC called Hillary For America has just launched what might be the most hilarious campaign donation plan in history. You can now sign up to Troll Trump and send a donation to Clinton every time he tweets something offensive.


But can I afford to Troll Trump? Most of what he tweets is insulting.

There has not been any shortage of offensive comments from The Donald so far this election cycle. Some might wonder if they can afford such a venture. Well never fear, the PAC has even thought of that.

The program won’t drain your bank account. There is an amount that you can select to donate for every offensive tweet that starts at just fifty cents. There is also a daily donation limit starting at three bucks. So no fear of Trumps’ offensive comments taking your rent money. Drinking whenever he tweets something offensive is still not recommended.

A Newfound Twitter Silence From Trump Seems Doubtful

It would seem it might be in the billionaire candidates best interest to stay off of twitter at this point. However with the lack of self-control he seems to display almost daily that seems nigh on impossible.

Even today the tweets have been pouring out of the candidate. He has taken to calling Washington D.C a swamp, a city which he hopes to reside in. A city which is the shining center piece of American democracy. Trump has of course also lobbed his old-time favorite “Crooked Hillary” insult. You would already be out a buck under the best circumstances.


So get out your bank cards and have some fun in the political quagmire of Donald Trumps’ Twitter account.


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