Christie vs. History: Governor Blames President for Syrian Crisis

Less than a few days after correcting Donald Trump on the myth that there were Muslims celebrating on 9/11, Chris Christie took a dump on history to blame President Obama for the Syrian refugee crisis. Christie, on the Jake Tapper program on CNN, called the President’s handling of the Syrian Refugee Crisis a joke, and laid the blame for the displaced Syrians squarely on the President without any proof. Christie once prided himself on his friendship with the POTUS, but is now backing away after refusing to allow Syrian refugees into New Jersey, citing the same rhetoric of hate that Trump has about the 9/11 Muslim reaction on the Governor’s own state.

Christie, along with the whole GOP Clown Bus, was raked over the coals by the President for their reticence to allow Syrian refugees sanctuary in the US. Governor’s like Chistie and other governors have gone on record to say that they would not allow Syrians to settle in their states and would bar such import by the US Government of any Syrian refugees.

On November 13, 2018, Paris was attacked by terrorist. The Paris attack prompted many in GOP to comment that the terrorists must be Syrian and to allow them into our country would be tantamount to setting lose terrorist cells on innocent civilians.

As is now reported, not a single Syrian was involved in the attacks.

Rather than fall back on their humanity, each one of the front runners in the Republican party tried to outdo the other with fantastic claims about the Paris attack and the President’s decision to allow Syrian refugees into the country.

Christie’s was one of many bumbling statements.

Ironically, Christie himself denied the inaccurate statements by Donald Trump about 9/11. Trump has gone on record to state that he was in New York and could see “Arabs” dancing on the roofs of Jersey City buildings and cheering the destructive wake of the 9/11 attacks.

Christie, who was not Governor of New Jersey at the time, nevertheless denied the rumors and called Trump’s veracity into question.

Yet here he is on a national television show and expressing some of the same anti-Muslim rhetoric as Trump.

Christie’s Presidential run has been stalled by many allegations against him. He’s not the successful Governor he would have the GOP base believe, having many failures to his credit.

On top of that, people in New Jersey finally got a clue and in the last “off year election” that took place on November 2, 2015, Christie lost a very important district to him and the New Jersey State Legislature’s lower house was taken over by Democrats for the first time since 1979.

Desperate to blow smoke to distract from investigations, Christie jumped on the chance to join the bandwagon and say that, as Governor, he would block any Syrians from entering New Jersey.

Christie is famous for his bluster, but of late the bluster is often tainted with the racial bigotry and hatred for the poor that marks the current sentiment of the GOP Clown Bus.

Never one to show sympathy for even his own citizens, Christie’s campaign has suffered greatly from, also ironically, the fact that Trump is even more offensive and overshadows the New Jersey Governor.

Perhaps this last example of unvarnished hatred is one lyric in Chris Christie’s long swan song.

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