Christie: Trump Taxes Hurting America For Decades Is Good For His Campaign (VIDEO)

Chris Christie
Well, that's awkward. Christie admits that Trump harmed America but insists it is good for him.

Chris Christie took a bash at defending the shocking revelation of Trump’s tax debacle published by the New York Times. Inadvertently admitting that Trump’s actions have been “harming the American people every day” for decades, he tried to sell that this news as “very good” for Trump’s campaign.

“What it shows is what an absolute mess the federal tax code is and that’s why Donald Trump is the best person to fix it. There is no one who has shown more genius in their way to maneuver around the tax code.”

A Mole Leaks Trump’s Tax Returns To The NYT (VIDEO)

You see, according to Chris Christie, this whole story about how Trump defrauded America (legally) by paying no taxes using every loophole he could find is, “actually a very, very good story for Donald Trump.” He believes that because Trump was so good at being such a P.O.S. deadbeat, he is in the best position to know HOW to fix “the problem.”

What problem? Well, in Christie’s own words, the problem is that the people who use these holes in the tax code (DONALD TRUMP) are literally harming Americans every single day.

That is like saying that we need to elect a mass shooter as president to address gun violence in the country.

Christie said:

The genius of Donald Trump is to make sure he follows the law…and politically he has said he is going to change these laws.” He added that Trump should only be, “taking a bow for the fact that he has said, well before this story came out, that we need to change the tax laws because they are harming the American people every day.”

He said it, he didn’t mean to, but he actually said it. It is true. Trump has and will continue to, harm every American as long as there is any way he can legally; or in the case of his alleged Cuba issue, illegally. So, basically, Trump will hurt us in any way he feels he can get away with, period.

It is like telling people the best way to protect your money is to hire an accountant with a history of embezzlement. This is not an endorsement of Trump as a good choice; it is a cautionary statement pure and simple.

Watch the cringe-worthy interview, here:


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