Chicago Police Executed Cedric Chapman For Carrying An iPhone (VIDEO)

For over two years now, the City of Chicago has fought tooth and nail to stop the release of the video you are about to see and it is more than obvious why they have fought so hard, because they have been lying the entire time.

The police have said that 17-year-old Cedric Chapman turned and pointed what they thought was a weapon causing the officer to fear for his life. Those are the magic words that any cop in the country can use to justify murdering you for carrying an iPhone. Take a moment to think about that; the cop now only has to think that you are carrying a weapon and say the magic words, ‘I was in fear for my life’ and Abra-Cadabra that’s a justifiable homicide folks.

Now, here is where things get a bit fuzzy for the cop apologist who will claim that this video is “inconclusive” in favor of the cop of course, because if you are black and running from the police, you’re surely guilty of something. Why did he run? We’ll never know but what is known is that Chapman began to run at full sprint from the police officers. Chapman certainly knew that he was not armed so why would someone running at full sprint away from police officers suddenly turn and aim an iPhone at them? While this makes no sense whatever to anyone with an IQ in the domesticated animal range, this makes perfect sense if you are a police officer looking to cover up the fact that one of your own, murdered an unarmed black teen, which is happening in Chicago with an alarming frequency.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 3.45.14 PMThere is a split second where the action is out of frame and the police claim it was in this moment that Cedric Chapman turned to point his iPhone at armed cops because #potatologicispolicelogic causing the police officer to be in fear for his life. This does not happen at the beginning and notice as they round the corner that the police are staring right into the sun. No longer does a police officer need to see a gun, witness a crime or be chasing a felon; nor do they need to have any justifiable reason to use deadly force. They only need to see an object in someone’s hand and say the magic words that they were in “fear for their life.”

Was Cedric Chapman in fear for his life? Would any black male have any cause to have a belief that police officers do not have their best interest in mind, especially in a city like Chicago? With the additional murder of Laquan McDonald, if I were a black male in Chicago, I’d sure run from the police who have demonstrated time and again that they have no regard for black lives nor do they care for treating them as citizens. If you’re black in America, you can be killed for having an iPhone and as long as that person is carrying a badge, they can kill you on video and get away with it.

Perhaps when the people get tired of paying out the massive civil judgments against these trigger-happy cops, they will cure the problem of corrupt cops but that’s certainly not going to happen so long as Rahm Emanuel is mayor. In the last couple of years, Chicagoans have paid more than $700 million in excessive force civil suit penalties.

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