WATCH: Fox Guest Lambastes Ted Cruz For “The Longest Suicide Note In Political History” (VIDEO

"Well, last night What Cruz delivered," Charles Krauthammer declared on a Fox News panel on Thursday, "was the longest suicide note in political history."

“Well, last night what Cruz delivered,” right-wing pundit Charles Krauthammer declared on a Fox News panel on Thursday, “was the longest suicide note in political history.”


Charles Krauthammer is, of course, referring to Ted Cruz’s disastrous Wednesday night speech at the Republican National Convention. The folks in charge gave Ted Cruz a prime-time speaking slot, yet he refused to endorse Donald Trump. And to make things worse, Ted Cruz even implied the #NeverTrump crowd should “vote their conscience” instead of for the nominee.

Ted Cruz was booed off the stage and security had to escort him and his wife out of the arena for fear that the Trumpkins might attack.

Charles Krauthammer: Ted Cruz has destroyed his political career.

Charles Krauthammer adds that Ted Cruz hammered the final nail in his own coffin during a Thursday morning event. The Texas Senator infuriated a room full of delegates from his home state when he doubled down on not endorsing Donald Trump.

When the Texas delegates reminded him of that pledge he and all the other candidates took to support the GOP’s nominee, Ted Cruz sniffily whined that his RNC pledge was null and void. Why? Because that mean bully MeinTrumpf said mean things about his wife and father.

“That pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack Heidi, that I’m going to nonetheless come like a servile puppy dog and say thank you very much for maligning my wife and maligning my father.”

As Charles Krauthammer sees it, “as of this morning, I think he’s destroyed his political career right there.”

Steve Hayes, another Fox news guest, disagreed with Charles Krauthammer’s take on the situation. He argued that Ted Cruz took a gamble that might pay off. After all, Donald Trump did alienate voters by mocking a disabled journalist and by slagging Senator John McCain’s military record.

“They’re embracing him after that and I think it’s important to say, ‘not everyone’s along for the ride.'”

And Steve Hayes may have a point. On Wednesday night as members of the Democratic party indulged in a lot of schadenfreude, some folks on Twitter cheered him on.

Ted Cruz has proven himself a canny politician, so Steve Hayes could be right about him positioning himself for the likely possibility that Donald Trump may lose.

But Charles Krauthammer’s not buying that argument. Ted Cruz totally blew his “standing on principle” stance when he brought his family into it. Also, back when all the other GOP candidates were attacking Donald Trump, Ted Cruz was still sucking up to him and cruising along in his slipstream. Sorry, “Lyin’ Ted,” no dice.

Watch: Charles Krauthammer dissects Ted Cruz’s “suicide speech.”

Featured image: Video screengrab via Fox News (with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz insets added).

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