Watch: VP Wannabe Carly Fiorina Introduces Ted Cruz…And Then Falls Down (VIDEO)

Ooops: Carly Fiorina introduces ted Cruz at a Fox News event, then falls off the stage.

Talk about literally starting out on the wrong foot: VP hopeful Carly Fiorina introduced her presidential running mate Ted Cruz at a Fox News event in Indianapolis on Monday, and then suddenly appeared to fall off the stage.

A video from Fox News shows the rally starting out with the former HP hatchet woman introducing Ted Cruz and his family amid loud cheers and applause:

“And now, help me welcome your next First Family: Heidi Cruz, your next first lady, [daughters] Caroline and Catherine, and the next President of the United States Ted Cruz!”

As the opening chords to a country song twanged in the background, Carly Fiorina turned around to welcome them, and then — poof! — she was gone. Heidi put her years of experience with slogging through painfully awkward moments to work by cheerily waving to the audience from the stage, as Ted hugged and shook hands with various supporters. Finally, Carly Fiorina managed to reappear without looking much worse for the wear and everyone pretended nothing happened.

Never one to miss a chance to profess fake sympathy through backhanded comments, Donald Trump told USA Today:

“They just showed it to me, and I said, ‘Wow that’s really cruel,’ she fell off, she just went down. And she went down right in front of him and he was talking and he kept talking… That was a weird deal, man.”

Watch: Carly Fiorina takes a tumble while introducing Ted Cruz.

Oh, and then Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz did this weird little spider thing with their hands, in the most creepily awkward manner possible, as they struggled for dominance or whatever that whole thing was about.

The Twitterati fussed about how Ted Cruz “cruelly and coldly” ignored Carly Fiorina’s fall, But in an effort towards fairness, Mediaite points out this was not so. In a video taken from a different angle, it turns out that Carly Fiorina merely stumbled and had righted herself by the time Ted Cruz approached closely enough to be able to help.

Featured image/composite with Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz: Fox News/YouTube.

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