‘You Can’t Do That, Mr. President!’

The liberal redneck smells a rat in Trumpland

LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country where the political and business intrigue of President Elect Cheeto has begun unraveling exponentially.

The selection of Vladimir Putin’s special friend, Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, reopens the possibility of a gigantic oil deal supposedly valued at over $500 billion. It was canceled in 2014 because of sanctions against Russia. Putin is the major shareholder in the Russian company, Rosneft, which was to join Exxon in the joint venture.

Still wondering why Russia wanted Cheeto to be president?

Then there is the situation with Turkey. Turkey has tried to get the U.S. to extradite an Imam and the U.S. has refused. During a post-election congratulatory call from the President of Turkey, Trump sang the praises of the company he worked with building the Trump Towers in Istanbul. After the call, the Turkish president had the key executives of that company arrested, so he would have leverage with the new president in getting the Imam deported. Trump and his family stand to lose millions if the executives are not released.

Care to guess on who might be extradited on January 21?

Then there was Cheeto’s “tweet” about how Lockheed Martin was way over costs on their F-35 fighter plane and he will change things in January. Immediately afterwards their stock value dropped $4 billion. Trading records show a huge amount of their stock was sold 6 minutes before the tweet went out. Most of it was bought back at the lower price later in the day.

Isn’t that what Martha Stewart went to prison for?

The fecal matter attached to Cheeto via his business “empire” keeps getting muddier and muddier. His D.C. hotel is a former government building he has leased. The problem is, it is forbidden for government employees to lease such property. Trump is also continuing as executive producer of his television franchise, “Celebrity Apprentice,” which his spokesperson, Kellyanne Conway says he will handle in his spare time.

Bet you never realized president’s actually had spare time. Bet you thought leading the greatest nation in the world was a full-time job.

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Featured image: CC0 Public Domain  https://pixabay.com/en/police-crime-scene-blue-light-850054/




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