BuzzFeed’s Editor Goes 1 on 1 with Chuck Todd Over Leaked Trump Dossier(VIDEO)

Chuck Todd and Ben Smith talk BuzzFeed

Many hard-hitting journalists were aghast on Tuesday as BuzzFeed made the choice to show a leaked, unverified dossier to the American public and the world making some pretty raunchy claims about Trump. Ben Smith, Editor in Chief of BuzzFeed, sat down with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and discussed his decision to run with the information. 

“You talk about context and you talk about putting responsibility on the readers,” Chuck Todd says. “But at the same time, don’t you have the responsibility of not spreading false information? Are you knowingly spreading false information?”

Todd goes on to accuse Smith of publishing “fake news”. However, it seems the term is being misused here. In no way did BuzzFeed say or allude to the dossier being 100% factual and many members of media had been sitting on the story for months awaiting verification.

So where did this dossier come from anyway?

So before we dig further into the Chuck Todd interview, let’s take a closer look at the documents and where they originated.

There have been numerous claims coming from the right that people on the left have been duped by 4chan. However, a report from Paul Wood of the BBC as well as The Hill, confirm that this is simply untrue.

The ex-spy has since been identified and works for a credible agency which was used in this election cycle by PACs representing both sides of the aisle for gathering intel against political opponents.

The more we dig the more evidence we find of the dossier coming from a credible source and not some weird conspiracy nut like Pizza-Gate.

So back to Chuck Todd and Ben Smith now that we are little better equipped and informed as to where that dossier came from.

Ben Smith’s reasoning for releasing the documents comes on the heels of finding out that the CIA thought enough of the dossier to show it to President Obama as well as President-elect Trump.

Smith said that people should know if our President is compromised and that holding on to the information simply because it had not been verified was no longer an option for BuzzFeed after they heard it was being shown to the President.

“You have to have a really strong argument to suppress a document, suppress information.”– Ben Smith

Watch the interview below and let us know if you agree with Ben Smith and BuzzFeed’s decision to run the dossier.


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