Trump ‘Buyer’s Remorse’: Be Careful What You Wish For

buyer's remorse trump regrets
Trump buyers remorse becoming rampant as his voters wake up to morning-after regrets.

It seems that the old proverb, “be careful what you wish for,” has never been truer than in the case of Trump voters. Most gritted their teeth and voted, not for him, but against his opponent. Sadly, people are discovering that when he told them who he was, and they laughed it off, they should have listened. Deep, painful “buyer’s remorse” is setting in, and there is little hope for those realizing they made a very, very bad decision.

From his cries against practically nonexistent voter fraud:

To simple overall “come on man,” get it together!:

Some Trump voters are just waking up to the reality of their choice. The irony being, many of the things that are causing this buyer’s remorse were things that Trump actually told us he would do. Like when Trump made it clear that he was going to instate a Muslim ban, however he could, during his campaign:

[husband can’t get back – greencard tweet]

They touted him as being “not a politician,” and when we warned them that was not really going to work in the top office of the country, they laughed. They aren’t laughing now:

We warned them that he lies, and lies a lot, seventy percent of the time, actually. The fact that his lies mean they were taken advantage of, especially the lie of “draining the swamp,” is no longer lost on many Trump voters:

Cries that the past administration’s Executive Orders were illegal (they weren’t) were common from those that would eventually vote for Trump. The whole actually ruling by the stroke of a pen thing that they accused President Barack Obama of doing (a man with far fewer EOs than most presidents), well, yeah:

And then there are the people that really only heard what they wanted to hear. When Trump was actually telling them that he wanted to largely eliminate the Department of Education, ban Muslims, gut the EPA, befriend and ally with Russia, posture up at China, all they heard was “great,” “jobs,” and “boost economy,” oops.

What is becoming crystal clear to many is the dictatorial nature of many of his decisions and actions. While it would have been better for the world if they had paid attention to who he is in the first place, at least it will make it easier for some of them to accept it when he has to be impeached:

When it comes to the Dakota Access and the Keystone XL pipelines? Well, many Trump voters were against them to start with. Apparently, they weren’t listening when he promised to push the pipeline through:

All in all, so many Americans who voted for Trump are regretting their decision out loud that it breeds a little hope that they will vote with sanity in 2018 and 2020, to put some balance in the Congress and sanity back into the White House. We can hope, anyway. However, the most important thing is that anyone with a brain and a heart get their donkey to the voting booth and do the right thing.

Want to do something to make change faster? Call your representatives in Congress today and tell them to stand up against Trump:

(202) 224-3121


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