Breitbart and Talk Radio ID’d As Source Of Trump’s Phone-Tapping Conspiracy Theory

The man who previously told us that millions voted illegally for Hillary Clinton and that President Obama started ISIS launched another whopper of a conspiracy theory this weekend. According to Trump, his phones at Trump Tower were wiretapped by the Obama administration in the run-up to the election. An investigation by the New York Times has tracked down the source of these claims: Breitbart News and conservative shock jock Mark Levin.

Trump did not invent his latest conspiracy theory

The Times explains that Levin began a “conspiratorial rant” on Thursday, March 2nd at 6 PM. Levine insisted,

President Barack Obama had used the “instrumentalities of the federal government” to wiretap the Republican seeking to succeed him. This “is the big scandal,” Mark Levin, the host, told his listeners.

The next day, the story was picked up by Breitbart News, the ultra-right wing media organization and mouthpiece for the white nationalist movement formerly run by Trump’s senior strategist, Stephen Bannon.  The next morning, Trump launched a storm of tweets, calling his unsubstantiated claims “McCarthyism” and “Nixon/Watergate.”

The Washington Post reports that White House aides are doubling down on the lie by naming articles from legitimate agencies as their sources. Only those articles have nothing whatsoever to do with this latest conspiracy theory.

Analysis by the “Fake News.”

While the right wing press is fawning all over this and painting their savior as the hapless victim of another massive conspiracy, the “Fake News,” as Trump calls any mainstream agency that looks at him askew, is pointing out a multitude of analyses on this pattern from our Commander-in-Chief.

The New York Times notes

Mr. Trump showed again over the weekend that he feeds off the frenzy. Uninhibited by the traditional protocols of his office, he makes the most incendiary assertions based on shreds of suspicion. He does so without consulting some of his most senior aides, or even agencies of his own government that might have contrary information. After setting off a public firestorm with no proof, he then calls for an investigation to find the missing evidence.

They also question whether this could all be smoke and mirrors. “In shifting the story, Mr. Trump also kept the Russia investigation front and center, rather than his initiatives on health care, taxes or jobs.” Indeed, we have published on 10 horrible bills the GOP has been promoting while we’ve all focused on Trump’s chicanery.

The Washington Post points out that “Trump’s response also has deepened doubts about his own judgment, not just in the face of the first crisis to confront his young presidency but in dealing with the challenges that lie ahead for the chief executive of the world’s most powerful nation.”

CNN notes that if this claim is actually true, it means “a federal judge would only have approved a warrant to wiretap Trump’s phones if he or she had found probable cause that Trump had committed a federal crime or was a foreign agent.”

The more fundamental message the news won’t touch.

Maybe it seems too obvious to the big networks and papers, but the biggest question out there is the one they aren’t asking. With one of the world’s greatest intelligence network at his disposal, and literal buildings full of aides and strategists at his beck and call, the President of the United States of America is basing his policies and actions on Breitbart. It’s the white nationalist version of the Weekly World News. This is no different than Trump calling for the FBI to find the Bat Child.

So we, and every American with a conscience needs to be asking out loud “what the hell is Trump doing!?” And then pick up our phones and demanding that our Senators and Representatives not waste a penny investigating this outrageous conspiracy theory. They need to be investigating our outrageous President and perhaps his mental fitness for duty — among other things.

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