Breaking News – Macy’s Dumps Trump

Political Side Show Barker, and Chronic Divorcee, Donald Trump, has had a new problem come up today. After NBC pulled the plug on his tv career, and after Univision dumped his Miss America contract, now just breaking today, Macy’s has decided to “Dump Trump” by ditching ALL of his merchandise from their stores. This is all on the heels of Trump making remarks about Mexicans being rapists and criminals, with only a small portion of them being OK (but he still loves the Mexican people).

Now with all this bad press, and unfortunate stuff happening, you would think “Well gee whiz, he must be doing terribly in polling for his presidential run!” – WRONG

He is polling currently in second place. This is Trump, with all his baggage and bad behavior, polling in SECOND PLACE. Now I know that your average Republican or Tea Bagger voter is easily distracted by shiny objects and/or racism (mostly racism), but this really does hit a new low bar for who the Republican base feels would make a great leader of America. We have a serial divorcee who believes in the sanctity of marriage, a businessman that has to keep declaring bankruptcy and doing things to cause him to lose contracts with tv networks and major retailers, and a generally loudmouth ignoramus whose hair looks like the galactic overlord of all 1970’s porn moustaches, and he is polling in second place.

Yes Republicans, this is your golden calf at which you will worship. You love hating immigrants and anyone who isn’t white. You need a leader to enable this for you and say “Its OK to be a bigot, because that is what freedom in America is all about!”. Meanwhile you are so busy enjoying your hate, that literally every Republican is making it legal for billionaire oligarchs to beat you up, and take all your money, then force you to train your own replacement for your job before they fire you. Then you will do something clever like blame a non-white immigrant. The founding fathers, despite their flaws, would look upon the Republican party as a failed state, and a modern day example of feudal government in which you only get rights if you can afford to buy them at the highest price the “free market” can bear.

This journalists will be absolutely riveted to see what happens next for Trump, and where he will be ending up after he loses virtually everything that he has left in his business empire. One wonders how he will be paying for the regular replacement of his young model wives. My bet is he will end up landing on fox news for a time after he finally gets his discharge from the political process and get a small retirement package from there before they dump him when he says something stupid again, or if his hairpiece budget threatens to bankrupt the network.

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