Breaking: EEOC Finds Sexual Orientation Discrimination Is Illegal (VIDEO)

In a historic ruling, the EEOC has ruled that discrimination against employees based on sexual orientation is discriminating based on sex, and thus illegal under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
Part of the ruling was stated as, “allegations of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation necessarily state a claim of discrimination on the basis of sex,” according to Chris Geidner at Buzzfeed. This will undoubtedly go to the Supreme Court eventually, however the ruling does already apply to all federal employees directly at this point in the process. The EEOC ruling already is saying in short, that discrimination based on sexual orientation is against federal law. If it does go to appeal with the SCOTUS, the fact it is interpreted as federal law would basically remove all existing state-level safeguards that bigoted employers currently use to fire, or otherwise mistreat employees simply because they are not heterosexual. Important to note also, is that at this stage this ruling applies to the entire EEOC which has offices across the nation that manage claims of discrimination against private employment as well. It is assumed that soon there will be immediate court challenges by some company or business somewhere, backed by Fox News and one or more GoFundMe’s crowd-sourcing their bigotry and hate.

Surely there will be many many cases of spontaneous bleeding hemorrhoids by every “christian” you can find out in the country who finds themselves in front of a camera, or microphone. Surely this is step 2 in the OGA (Obama Gay Army) takeover of America, setting us up for a third Obama term where only homosexuals will be allowed to vote, right after they force you to divorce your wife and enter an all-same-sex tango competition at the local chapter of the Blue Oyster Bar.

As noted by Chris Johnson of the Washington Blade

It should be noted the ruling affects only employment law. The EEOC doesn’t have authority to determine whether gender provisions in housing and education law also cover sexual orientation discrimination. An upcoming LGBT non-discrimination comprehensive bill that Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) and Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) are set to introduce in Congress should explicitly prohibit sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination in these areas in addition to employment, public accommodations, federal programs and credit.

You can read the entire 17 page ruling, HERE

This is a good step towards what will hopefully be another resounding ruling for social equality and protection in America, from the ignorant, fearful, and misanthropic machinations of your ultra-bigoted, hate-fueled, Jesus-ignorant average Republican who thinks just because they can no longer beat up, harass, discriminate, and murder homosexuals, their “rights” are being taken away. Do everyone a favor, and share this article with your absolutely least favorite right wing gasbag friend just to ruin their day.


Poor Christians. They serve an “all powerful” god that has laid waste to entire cities and nations, and flooded the earth and killed all the heathens. Yet he doesn’t attack the “gays.” Maybe its because Jesus never said a single word about gay people ever, other than “love your neighbor as yourself.” I wonder if they ever thought that God just didn’t have a problem with them.

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