When Partisan Politics Abet A Russian Coup (VIDEO)

Vladimir Putin, Mitch McConnell, and Donald Trump

Keith Olbermann, in his latest video, makes it clear that there has been a Russian Coup that has put the puppet leadership of Trump in place to secure the White House and to prevent future free elections in the United States. This is not reality TV. This is happening before our eyes, as many stand idly by.

As Keith Olbermann put it, ‘We are at war with Russia. Or perhaps more correctly, we have lost a war with Russia, without a battle.’

While politicians attempt to delay getting the truth out about what has just happened through Congressional investigations and hearings, the small window of time is closing for our current President and the Electoral College to stop this threat to our democracy before they officially vote in a mere few days.

Even with so much unknown to the American public at this point, we can deduce that Trump and some of his choices for his cabinet are not serving the American people, but the greed of a ‘crony capitalism,’ as even Sarah Palin has admitted.

Meme by Matthew Silvan

But far worse than this, Trump and his enablers in the GOP have threatened our very democracy to gain power. The displays of obstruction during Obama’s two terms – shutting down the government and doing anything to waylay President Obama have been obscene, purely partisan and many times racist.

Now they have taken it so far that they have quite possibly colluded with and enabled a foreign government to interfere, manipulate, and orchestrate the election of our own President. It’s too late for Mitch McConnell to say that he didn’t have a part in this, when it’s crystal clear that he did.

Keith Olbermann called it the ‘traitorous indifference of the Republican party.’ They are no longer serving their constituent’s interests, but those of Russia and a wealthy few. Clearly, there is plenty that Americans, Democrat, Republican, or otherwise, have been left totally in the dark about. There is a massive problem which we have only begun to see a small part of, and it’s up to our current President, the Electoral College, and everybody with a voice, Democrat or Republican, to stop the imminent threat to our country and, as Olbermann entreats us, ‘Resist!’

Sign the CREDO petition to ‘Tell Congress: Immediately investigate Trump’s ties to Russia’ We have no time to waste.

Watch Keith Olbermann’s video below:

Featured image: Composite of photos by the fabulous Gage Skidmore, and Wikipedia


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