Bill Maher Declares ‘Lick My Balls, No New Taxes!’ In A Profane, Poignant And Profoundly Funny State Of The Union Speech (VIDEO)

Last night’s Real Time With Bill Maher was an all-timer. The past week of GOP missteps and Trump mania provided a perfect foundation for comedy gold and great points to be made. At the end, during his New Rules segment, Maher took to a mocked up ‘Presidential podium’ to satirically mock the state of what some allow to pass for politics and our public discourse these days. One doesn’t have to be ‘politically correct’ to see how the vitriolic nature of our politics nowadays has spawned candidate Trump out of the bowels of everything crude, rude and ignorant.

Bill has a lot of fun with trump’s feigned outrage at former President Vincente Fox using an ‘F’ word this week. Maher runs through a series of clips of Trump saying much worse. Something his followers seem to like — the ‘Andrew Dice Trump’ type. Maher shows just where all this is heading as he assumes the Presidential podium.

Not a lot of setup is needed here, but be prepared for some swear words and ‘political incorrectness’ as you enjoy this hilarious clip HERE:


Featured image via youtube screen capture. 



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