Sanders Shines The Truth On Trump’s Pretty Speech And It Melts

Sanders destroys trump address to congress
Bernie Sanders responds to Trump's address to congress

Trump managed to get some good reviews for his latest speech to a joint session of congress. It is pretty easy to reach the bar you’ve set when you’ve dug a pit to put it in, after all. While the media falls all over itself to say Trump finally sounded “almost normal,” Bernie Sanders stepped up to grind that nonsense of “grading a president on a curve” beneath his heel. Sanders reminds the American people to look not just at what he said, but at what he didn’t say and what he really meant. Much of what Trump said sounded good on the surface, but it is a short dig to the gnarly facts — this is still Trump, moderated and less of a buffoon (thanks to the teleprompter), but with the same ideas and plans.

Here is the quick list of the things that Trump did not talk about, but should have:

  • His own campaign promise to preserve medicare/Medicaid/Social Security
  • Income inequality and the greatest separation of “haves and have nots” since the Great Depression of the 1920’s
  • The SCOTUS Citizens United decision and the ability for billionaires to buy elections — gee, why wouldn’t he want to talk about that?
  • Affordable college and curbing rampant student debt
  • His promise to “drain the swamp.” This, however, makes a lot of sense since it is now in his administration, though he claims his 5-year ban on lobbying was indeed ‘draining.’ His cabinet contains more millionaires and billionaires than ever in history, but somehow he claims he’s fulfilling his promise?
  • His campaign promise to reinstate the Glass Steagall act.

What he did say is just as troubling, if you do not take his damaged “word” for it and dig into what he really means:

Trump talked about investing in our “crumbling” infrastructure – right on! Except, the specifics of his plan are just dead wrong. He said he wanted to promote clean air and clean water – on the day that he rolled back clean water rules and with an EPA head that has sued the EPA. He also wants to increase pentagon funding to the tune of $84 billion. Trump’s proposed plan would be funded by slashing programs that benefit the elderly, the poor, our children and the disabled.

As Sanders put it:

“The 84 billion that president trump wants to pump into the bloated pentagon budget could just as one example, provide free tuition at every public college and university in this country and begin to reduce the crushing burden of student debt in America. That is a choice: do we add another 80 plus billion dollars to the pentagon or do we allow every qualified young American the ability to go to college tuition free in a public college and university and substantially reduce student debt?”

Trump wants to cut programs on which the most vulnerable among us rely while simultaneously giving three trillion dollars in tax relief to the rich–because apparently they need the help more than the 51 percent of US housholds that make less than $30 thousand a year. Trump also lied again, about a lot of things, but specifically about taxes on US businesses. As Bernie pointed out, one out of five large profitable corporations pays nothing in taxes, yet Trump wants to lower that. Corporations don’t need tax cuts, according to Bernie, they need to start paying their fair share in taxes.

Trump’s speech, all in all, was in a much prettier package than usual, but it still contains the same sh*t sandwich he has been trying to call a Trump Steak and feed to the American people.

Watch Sanders powerful rebuttal, here:

Featured Image via Youtube Screencapture.

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