Bernie Tortures Trump With His Own Words (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders was and is well-loved by both republicans and democrats. On Wednesday he showed us again exactly why. Sanders delivered a powerful speech, using Trump’s own words against him. Quoting Trump, Sanders fought for the American people. He called for Trump to promise to veto any and all legislation that would cut Medicaid, Medicare, or Social Security.

Sanders opens his moving statement, “Let me quote somebody, whom I suspect I will not often be quoting”:

Sanders held up this tweet as evidence that Trump had promised not to cut into these programs:

Sanders made it clear that this was not a passing comment, but a “cornerstone” of Trump’s campaign. That means, according to Sanders, that “one of two things are true”:

“Either Donald Trump simply lied to the elderly and the working people of this country and just made campaign promises that he had no intention of keeping, or right now, before Congress wastes an enormous amount of time, Donald Trump has got to come forward — maybe through one of his tweets — and say clearly that Donald Trump will veto any legislation that cuts Medicare, that cuts Medicaid, or that cuts Social Security.”

There are liberals and Democrats who are upset about the primary. Some who will never not be upset about it. We must come together now, though. Sanders has just made an example of holding Trump accountable with his own words, er, tweets. This election was hard on all of us. Now it is time to use every resource we have to force Trump’s hypocrisy, his dishonesty, into the public eye.

Donald Trump told Time Magazine, during his person of the year interview that he hoped to be “judged from the time of the election, not January 20th,” when he takes office. (That is, unless he is doing something stupid like stocking his cabinet with the swamp-dwellers he promised to get rid of. Then his supporters cry “he isn’t even President yet! Why can’t you give him a chance?!?”) Well, this is that time. He could be standing up and promising that he will follow through on his own campaign promise to leave Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security alone.

He has lied so much, gone back on so many promises, it is hard to imagine him actually following through. The only way that we are going to save these life and death programs, when the GOP controlled Congress wants to kill them, is to force Trump to live up to this promise. Many Trump voters are going to be affected by any cuts made in those areas. They need to know that if there are any cuts, Trump had the power to live up to his promise. He could have vetoed the legislation that hurt them, yet chose not to. We can not let him sweep this under the rug.


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