Bernie Sanders To Crash Larry David’s SNL Party (VIDEO)

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One of the ‘big hits’ of the fall season for Saturday Night Live was Larry David doing a great caricature / impression of Senator Bernie Sanders in a debate sketch. Now the Seinfeld co-creator will be hosting the longtime NBC show tomorrow night. That much isn’t new news, but what is new is that the real Bernie Sanders will be on the show as well to do a cameo. Such cameos have become almost a right of passage for big name political figures. Over the years, many have done appearances from Republicans like John McCain and Sarah Palin to Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump hosted last season to mixed reviews but, at least according to Trump — ‘Huge ratings!’

Sanders campaign manager, Tad Devine confirmed that they will be ‘Live from New York’ on Saturday night.

It is still unknown what kind of appearance Sanders will do on SNL. Another debate sketch? On her last appearance, Hillary Clinton played ‘Val the bartender.’ Maybe Sanders could be ‘Hal the bartender?’

The show can be seen Saturday night, February 6th at 11:30 eastern time on NBC.

As a warm up, get into the way-back machine and enjoy David’s great impression of Sanders HERE:

For some equal opportunity for laughs, see Clinton as Val HERE:


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