Eight Powerful Republicans Could Be Fired For Not Confirming Supreme Court Judge

It’s never really easy being a professional a**hole. Well, unless you’re an internet blogger — But even in these quarters, one must strike a balance between being just enough of an a**hole to get hired, but not such a complete tool that you’re impossible to work with. It’s not as easy as you’d think. And that’s a lesson certain to be conceded by at least a few important Republicans  in November.

It’s no secret that Republicans have spent the better part of the last decade obstructing Obama at every turn. Following the death of thankfully former Supreme Court judge  Antonin Scalia, it was all but certain that Congressional Republicans would resist anyone Obama offered to put on the bench. For a group of people hired through sheer Obama Derangement Syndrome to be seen agreeing with him would be political suicide. Scalia’s death has left them no choice but to keep obstructing the Supreme Court until Obama’s out of office.

And yet, it appears that that very act, in itself, will prove politically suicidal for some.

According to a PPP poll, at least eight Republican Congressmen are in real danger of losing their seats in the House and Senate. They include Chuck Grassley, Roy Blunt and no less than John McCain.

Part of this has to do with Mitch McConnell, Head Obstructor of Senate and hugely unpopular in Iowa, Arizona, Missouri and North Carolina. All states that have been crying for someone, anyone to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat and restore some semblance of function to our Judicial Branch. These states see McConnell’s lead as further hindering their own representatives in carrying out the will of their constituents.

Bad news for demagogues.

Bad news for Obama Derangement Syndrome.

And very bad news for Republicans nationwide.

The four states listed above have indicated very strongly that failure to confirm a Supreme Court nominee will play a strong role in who they send to Washington. In fact, polling indicates that quite a few Republican voters won’t vote at all if the seat isn’t filled. This could hugely tip the scales in favor of Democrats — as if Donald Trump weren’t doing that himself.

Here are some key findings of the survey:

-All these Senators start out with pretty mediocre approval ratings. John McCain’s approval is a 26/63 spread, Roy Blunt’s is 25/48, and Richard Burr’s is 28/44. Only Chuck Grassley within this group is on positive ground and his 47/44 spread is down considerably from what we usually find for him as he loses crossover support from Democrats because of his intransigence on the Supreme Court issue. Further making life difficult for this quartet is the incredibly damaged brand of Senate Republicans. Mitch McConnell is vastly unpopular in these four states, coming in at 11/63 in Iowa, 16/68 in Arizona, 16/69 in Missouri, and 19/65 in North Carolina. McConnell will be an albatross for all Senate Republicans seeking reelection this fall.

-Strong majorities of voters in each of these states want the Supreme Court vacancy to be filled this year. It’s a 56/40 spread in favor of filling the seat in Iowa, 56/41 in Arizona and Missouri, and 55/41 in North Carolina. What’s particularly important in the numbers is the strong support for filling the seat among independents- it’s 60/38 in Missouri, 59/37 in Arizona, 58/38 in Iowa, and 55/38 in North Carolina. Independent voters will be key to determining whether these incumbents sink or swim this fall, and they want the vacancy filled.

-What voters especially have a problem with is Senate Republicans saying they’re going to reject President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court no matter who it is. Super majorities of voters in all four of these states- 69/25 in Arizona, 66/24 in Missouri, 66/25 in North Carolina, and 66/26 in Iowa say that the Senate should at least wait and see who’s put forward before

It’s also probably worth mentioning that in recent years, PPP and other pollsters have delivered results skewed far more conservative than real-life voting indicates. In other words, their polling audience is disproportionately conservative. And there’s good reason for that. Millennials, as a whole, don’t answer many polls. Especially those done via land-line phone, which nobody under 50 has seen since 2004.

For that reason, polling figures over the last ten years or so have proven more and more wrong, with numbers leaning more and more conservative as younger voters simply fail to respond. Yet, respond they do at the polls — especially during presidential election years.

So, as bad as the polls look for Republicans right now, November will almost certainly prove worse.

It’s not easy being a professional a**hole. Sometimes, the thing that gets you hired is what gets you fired. But, on the plus side for our soon-to-be-former congressmen…

…there’s always the internet.

Featured image via commondreams.org



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